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Roll Over @ 14 Hang Ga


Roll Over is yet another a stone’s throw away from the hotel and always full with customers. If Vietnamese are always so hungry, why aren’t they over nourished?


With just one kind of offering up for ordering, it is a surprise how specialised they are and how their rice rolls can be eaten all day long – breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper!

Manned by a couple of ladies diligently and quite robotically going through the motion for every order

1)      Ladle a milky liquid onto the steamer forming an adequately thin layer of rice roll and await for it to get cooked
2)      In all the heat and steam, scatter the ingredients of either pork or mushroom or both and steadily roll it in
3)      Steadily plate it with a fistful of chives and sprigs of green and fried onions
4)      Ready to serve!


The menu that looks extensive but really is not.




Spot that red hot chilli?


Apart from serving just rice rolls, they have meat pies too. These are actually just Vietnamese sausages or taste that way with the casing and blended meat. Sometimes when you think gesticulating helps, it does not quite when all we wanted was one portion, it came as one piece.


Having to painstakingly make every single order, tedious much I say! The artistry can be tasted in every cheong fun, silken smooth with appetizing stuffing. I actually thought the dipping sauce for this was incredible. A personal grouse about this is, it could have been a tad chewier – ahhh, the memorable one at Ben Thanh market!

This was one of those meals that satisfied the curiosity of the crowds and most certainly satiated the hunger.

Roll Over
14 Hang Ga

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