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Loco Tapas Bar @ Boat Quay

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loco launched an exclusive on a tapas buffet and greedy me had to grab it! Being one of the 1300 odd other likeminded folks, reservations were made for a tapas buffet over one weekend! The featured menu is slightly different from the official buffet menu though.


Bar counter.


Refreshing Vegetable Soup for a Sunny Day

This cold soup kick started the meal on a refreshing note. I did not like the soggy bread though.

seafood soup

Sopa De Pescado y Marisco
Prawns, Squid, Fish, Mussel and Clams Cooked in our Chef’s Homemade Seafood Broth

In comparison a warm hearty seafood stew, more like a tomato based soup with a generous blend of seafood.


Ensalada de Salmón
Mixed Greens with Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon looked a little less orange than it usually does – ordinary salad.


Breaded Croquette


garlic prawns

Gambas al Ajillo
Shrimps Sauteed in Garlic and Olive Oil

Decently crunchy and well flavoured shrimps.

bacon prawns

Olla Gambas Frita Envuelta Con Tocino
Pan Fried Prawns Wrapped With Bacon

I never quite thought that bacon could complement prawns as well as they do for asparagus – the savoury brought out the simple flavours of the prawns quite well.


Calamares Fritos
Deep-Fried Battered Squid Rings with Garlic Mayonnaise

Light batter coated around this all time favourite.

fried fish

Buñuelos de Pescado Fritos
Deep Fried Fish Fritters

A tad dry and somewhat boring.


Alas de Pollo Fritas
Deep fried Chicken Wings

I’m beginning to conclude that fried food without dips is well, just plain old fried food and a good friend of beer.

creamy chicken

Pollo en Salsa de Setas
Chicken Breast with Mushroom in Cream Sauce

One of the stellar ones with a slurpworthy sauce that could pass off as a condensed soup. Tasty much with juicy chunks of chicken!


Pimentón de Pollo
Juicy Chicken in Paprika Sauce

This was less outstanding in flavour, infact just ordinary grilled chicken.


Beef Tenderloin Cubes Sauteed in Olive oil and Garlic

Tender and delicious! One teppanyaki favourite that hardly goes wrong!


Albondigas ala Jardinera
Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

I suppose meatballs are yet another that I’m on the fence whether I even like them as a dish – a blend of meats and mashed up hence the texture is hardly something I like to begin with. This is no IKEA meatball, infact homemade and lacking in flavour.


Grilled Meat Skewers Marinated with Mediterranean Herbs 

Chicken,Beef, Pork, Lamb

Truth be told, these skewers were mostly bland though spiced. One dimensional in taste as compared to the other tapas dishes.


Lamb Chop

Missing on the mint jelly but overall pretty well done.

garlic mushrooms

Champinon al Ajillo
Sauteed Mushrooms and Garlic in Olive Oil

I conclude that olive oil is used in most of the dishes presented and that does give the food an oilier finish. Juicy mushrooms here!


Champiñones Rellenos
Stuffed Mushrooms

The point is, the stuffing the mushrooms were filled with could not be identified – pork? Fish?


Tortilla Española
Spanish Omelette

Usually not an omelette person, much less a Spanish omelette yet Loco’s does it quite well. Potatoes in egg, simple yet really good!


Chorizo Frito
Pan Fried Chorizo in Olive Oil

One dish that Loco’s does quite well too – belittle chorizo not. I’ve had bad chorizo’s which either come across as too spicy or texture is just odd. This is well balanced in flavour and bite – decent!


Fideua Valenciana
A Delicious and Typical Valencian Dish like the Paella, with Pasta instead of Rice

Arriving in an iron cast pan, this super orange dish looked like a brighter version of mee goreng – infact the other tables had this in varying shades of orange. A lack of QC here? Flavours were not as great as I would have expected, was not blown over with this.


Churros con Chocolate
Prepared the Traditional way served with a Home-Made Chocolate Sauce

Dense fried doughsticks with chocolate sauce gave this a bittersweet ending.

Tapas albeit bite sized always ends up too much because of the many portions it comes in. Watch Loco take the Spanish dining scene over, unassuming place without too much of pomp and fuss. Let the food speak, rather than the PR folks.

Loco Tapas Bar
Boat Quay

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