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Lek Lim Nonya Kueh Revisited

Special thanks to Gavan for the invite! 


1968 Lek Lim started its business behind closed doors in the humble kitchen and they have been churning out varieties of nonya kueh since. Gavan Sin, the eldest son, took over the business last year and made a couple of tweaks to the business. I reviewed them a year or two back and he wrote to me, clarifying what I had reviewed and suggested a return to try out their improved recipe.

lek lim

Store front.


Customers that never stopped streaming.


For the record, they are Halal certified too!


Behind the scenes.


Trays of goodies.


Frosty ang ku kueh.


Ready to be oiled.




Guess what the aunty is slicing?


With such concentration, I risked getting the knife chucked at me for getting in her way. Just kidding!



gu cai kueh

Hand made kueh.

soon kueh

Each to such uniformity.

ang ku kueh

Ang Ku Kueh ($0.50 each, $2.30 for 5)
Bean, peanut, coconut

akk interior

Varieties for this fullmonth giveaway is available. Skin was a tad thick but the personal favourite went to peanut for the generous filling and flavour!


Soon Kueh ($0.70)
Ku Cai Kueh ($0.70)
Teochew Rice Kueh ($0.80)


Handmade and freshly made daily, once again I found the skin a tad thick. Boils down to preference actually, some prefer stuffing to be heavy and skin light and vice versa. I belong to the former group. Nonetheless, tasty treats they’ve got!

curry puff

Curry Puff ($1)
Sardine, Potato and Chicken

They branched out into curry puffs as well and these are made in house!  Crispy fried shell with a delectable curry paste and powerful spicy punch. It does give the other Malay stall curry poks a run for their money. Hidden find!

Their kuehs are supplied to a number of locations be it markets or hotels around Singapore and well, it was an eye opening experience being in the shop and watching them being churned out fresh!

lapis sagu

Kueh Lapis ($1.20)

My favourite rainbow kueh that I derive much joy from peeling off the layers.

kueh salat

Kueh Salat ($1.20)

Lovely glutinous rice base but the kaya layer could have been better if it were not in a kueh form.

bingka ubi

Bingka Ubi ($1.20)

Dense and chewy tapioca kueh, every bite had a rich tapioca taste.

glutinous rice

Pulut Inti ($0.50)

Soft grains dyed a pretty blue with an equally tropical coconut topping, I thought this was pretty well done and Gavan let slip the presentation of this is kept as traditional as possible, just like the olden days!

yam kueh

Yam Cake ($0.80)
Steamed, fried

Loved this in both ways. Enough yam cubes in this savoury teatime snack. The consistency of kueh was just right without being too mush nor bouncy. If it came with their homemade chilli paste, this would have been perfect.

Personal take on Lek Lim is, they do their savoury items better than the sweet. Infact, I found more hidden gems in promising ones like curry puff, yam cake and pulut inti! I wish Lek Lim all the best in expanding the business, more plans are underway to expand the business to suite the changing tastebuds of consumers. Gutsy move but way to go!

Lek Lim Nonya Kueh
Blk 84 Bedok North Street 4

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