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La Place @ 4 Au Trieu


St Joseph’s Cathedral was the reason why we made it to this part of Hanoi. In all its grandeur, my breath was taken away once again. Mass was held slightly later in the day and I would have gladly stayed had it not been for the fact that it would be conducted in Vietnamese. We engaged Hanoi Kid’s for their services to do a customized tour of Hanoi and the girl was so sweet to bring us to one of the cafes that “university students” hang out – love that! Truly, it always takes a local to bring you to such little gems and I was completely excited as it is. 


La Place is a French hole in wall café with an inviting entrance but the magic lies in their winding staircase to the second floor attic that hides away a floor of likeminded people! Tiny as can be, we were glad to be able to nab a table.


Decorated with photos of St Joseph’s, this cosy little gem found love in me.


Laminated menu.


Cosy corners, I love!


Crayons made for doodling.


Free wifi!


Iced Coffee

Incredibly fragrant, this had to be the most memorable cup of coffee of the trip.


The guide's tea, I guess she must have liked it!


Frozen Lemon Mint (45,000VND)

This icy treat was perfect for the weather, quenched the thirst greatly.




Cupcake with orange buttercream

Piped with a rose design, this looked ordinary at first glance. No fanciful pops of colour of over-used girly sprinkles. Just a cupcake served chilled. The cake had an amazing texture, almost like semolina cake – melts away so readily and pleasantly. While I am averse to buttercream in general, this orange flavoured buttercream was finger licking joyful! Loved the fact that it was not too sweet either.


Cupcakes for tea...such is life!

Unwinding in a quaint little café like this is therapeutic and double happiness for fulfilling that on a trip especially! I wish I had a lot more time to dine and soak in the atmosphere with the view of the cathedral.

La Place
4 Au Trieu

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