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Hanoi Soul Cafe @ Tang 3, So 7 Dinh Tien Hoan


Hanoi Soul Café was the first stopover for dinner on the first night near Hoan Kiem. Overlooking the lake, half comfortable sofas and an earnest F and B Manager, Hanoi Soul tried to please. The café lacks character, guitars found on some pillars whilst the rest tried to capitalize on the romanticism that the overlooking lake already provided.




Leather bound menu.


Beef Pho (45,000 VND)

A meal in Vietnam without Pho is unforgivable, nearly. Tasty as can be, they just do their soup noodles so right. Wish I took the gutsy-er alternative for a stirfried version instead!


Fried Tofu in Salted Egg (99,000 VND)

I must have missed my salted egg dishes so much, I jumped at it. These batter coated tofu cubes were fried a golden brown and frolicked in a light salted egg yolk paste. Looked the part but missing out on the taste test.


Fresh Spring Rolls (40,000 VND)

The first one stuffed with beef. Not quite outstanding as one with prawns would taste.


Fried Crab Spring Rolls (40,000 VND)

Nothing to fault with anything fried, actually.


Yam Fried with Honey (39,000 VND)

I was surprised that this is classified as a Vietnamese treat – no different from regular fries just that it’s YAM and not potato. Dusted with sesame seeds and brushed with honey.

Decent not great, Hanoi Soul barely came across as a place with much soul - no intention on punning.

Hanoi Soul Cafe
Tang 3, So 7 Dinh Tien Hoan
Quan Hoan Kiem

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