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Gecko Cafe @ Hang Trong St

Advertised as the most affordable and Tripadvisor seconded this for delicious food and cheap cocktails. I was sold, yet again…to what tripadvisors had to say. Gecko has several outlets within Old Quarters, walking distance I advise against since 4 straight days there and I still got lost navigating through the streets and lanes that look so mind boggling similar. 


Patronized largely my Caucasians, I reckon the menu suited them so and that was the case. Their happy hour runs all night long if not all day long – trigger happy for alcoholics and those on a budget. Their promotions range from 30% off their pizzas to beers to a song of VND 20,000 (that’s even cheaper than bottled Evian!). Like Europe, Hanoi is quite the place to get drunk and still not hurt the pocket so.



How about some Tiger in Hanoi? Ridiculously cheap.


Fresh Springrolls with Beef
I love fresh springrolls, the taste is a lot cleaner than the fried ones. They usually come in rice paper or rice rolls that resemble kuay teow, only thicker and harder. These were stuffed with beef and the usual works which made it flimsier because the rice rolls did not hold up that well. Still a fan of these.


Fried Rice

This has wok hei at least and decently delicious. Yet eating something so oriental in a foreign country is plain odd.


Fried Seafood Noodle
Decent stir fried noodle, flavours were rich with a generous splash of fish sauce.

Ostrich Steak I have fond memories of tender ostrich sold at Zion Road Hawker Center which has been defunct for the longest time. No doneness could be specified and this arrived with mash and carrots. Charred to such brownness, it appeared almost burnt. Tough as can be, I wish it did not come in such hearty portions. I found the mash decent but it received mixed reviews – too much flour for some. 

Service is splotchy because they barely understand English, toothpicks required a round of charades and chilli required a misunderstanding of chilli sauce and needed me whipping up the camera to show what sliced chillis look like. Poor ventilation makes this and its diners smell like a smokehouse with every order of a grilled dish. If anything, this place is only good for cheap drinks. By now, I should remember not to over rely on Tripadvisor for food recommendations, perhaps just accommodation. 

Gecko Cafe
56 Hang Trong St, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam

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  1. i agree, tripadvisor is not a reliable source for food recommendations.