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Avalon Coffee Lounge @ 73 Cau Go


No, you did not see wrong. Avalon is also in Hanoi!


Listed as one of the must-goes, this coffee lounge covers 4 floors in total. With a view of the Hoan Kiem Lake, it is particularly scenic at night and even more so during a rainy night (risking being pelted by rain drops in the patio).


With 4 floors to match, depending on the purpose each of the floors would meet one's expectations quite well.




Long Iced Tea

Not a fan of long iced tea to begin with but it pleased the Dad quite a bit so I figure it probably is not too far off then!


Pink Lady

Cocktails are cheap in vietnam, so affordable I could have them every meal if I wanted. Priced at SGD 5, for every one cocktail I can have in Singapore I could possibly have 6 of those here. One lady's drink, this was fruity and sweet.


Coconut Icecream (108,000 VND)

My first coconut icecream was hugely misrepresented in the picture and I was thankful for once it did not look the way it was pictured! Old coconut which made scraping of the flesh arduous but the juice was still sweet. Two scoops of coconut icecream with grated bits - yum!

Cheap drinks and good view, nothing to fault. Worth a visit!

Avalon Cafe Lounge - 7th floor
73 Cau Go 

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