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Kueh Village @ Raffles Xchange

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This makeshift kueh stall has been spotted at most bus interchanges, bringing affordable kueh to the masses. They were having an hourly special of 3 pieces for $1 instead of 5 pieces for $2. These are bite-sized and ideal for teabreak or snacking.


The earthy shades.


The brighter pops of colour.

Yam Kueh

Had it not been for the deep purple colouring, the yam flavouring is barely discernible in this pasty kueh.

Banana Cake

Dense and tight banana cake which had mixed reviews. I liked it though it was lacking in banana fragrance.

Brown Sugar Cake

Burnt and bitter.

Kueh Kosui

There was a certain taste about it that I didn’t fancy too much, could be the brown sugar used but it came across rather artificial.

Kueh Salat

Proportion of kaya and glutinous rice was skewed here. Decent but one cannot help but compare with Bengawan Solo’s.

Lapis Sagu

I only enjoyed peeling off the layers.

Affordability does come with the compromise of quality in this case, really average kuehs I say.

Kueh Village
Raffles Place Xchange

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