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Bazin @ Marina Bay Sands

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Bazin is one of those that lines the sidewalk of MBS – particularly tempting for passers-by who peep in every now and then. Marketed as a place that serves oriental European delights and a good view of CBD, I liked the décor of the place – blue with ornate structures. 






I possibly got bored of waiting and waiting...and waiting.


The cosy corner.

steam baked

Savoury Steam Baked Barramundi with Fennel ($28)
Tangy pacific barramundi fillet, fennel, tomato, lemon, coriander seed, steam bake herbs, white wine, potatoes

This was the first to arrive and the height illusion caused by balancing the fillet on the bed of baby potatoes revealed a disappointing thin fillet. There was an acquired taste about it, not too huge a fan though. Potatoes were barely marinated, blanched at best. 

chicken roulade

Spicy Lamb Kebabs were out of stock so I picked Stuffed Chicken Roulade with Saute Spring Vegetables ($25)

Two chicken rolls stuffed with tomatoes and spinach. Chicken marrow was cooked as part of the dish – a gesture I somehow do not greatly appreciate. Tender chicken no doubt but the dish was not great. Nothing too Euro-oriental that I would die for over and over again. I guess that is the setback of not picking a signature. The sourish cream sauce that came with it, I gladly mopped up.

They are clearly understaffed with service staff dashing around so much but getting the attention of one is beyond difficult the moment they get you into the restaurant and seated down. The orders took forever to be taken, drinks as well…food was served up at odd timings – after one was completed, the other took yet another universe of time. Tempers did fray across tables because of this. The only saving grace is having the bills recharged to another credit card without complaints.

A return? I doubt so.
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