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Baker's Well @ East Coast Road

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I have heard enough of recommendations on Baker’s Well Muffins to want to try them. Always is the case anyway! In this unassuming corner of the entire food stretch, Baker’s Well has withstood the test of time and fads to rise above the rest – they’ve been around since 2003!
Amongst their offerings apart from muffins and baby muffins are cookies, cakes and bread. Their pineapple tarts have gotten the nod from Straits Times! 


Blueberry drizzle.




A mugshot of all three.

The concentration of fillings towards the bottom.


Chunks of apple make this a muffin equivalent of apple pie. 
A generous dollop of jam, yet would have been more ideal with blueberries instead.

Banana Walnut
The plainest and safest of the lot. 

$1.40 each or $3.90 for 3. With a claim that their muffins are not made with butter and without preservatives, the oil taste is hard to miss though not in an annoying way. Incredibly moist and delectable, these muffins are not exorbitant per se but Choc N Spice muffins still trumps for portions and variety. I like the generosity of ingredients and more than decent taste. 

Baker's Well
East Coast Road

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