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Wedding Dinner @ Peach Garden, Hotel Miramar

Hot on the heels of the first wedding dinner, I nailed yet another a week later. This year's wedding dinners seem to be headed in the direction of restaurants instead of hotels - yay for the tum, better food at least!


One great thing about this particular wedding, small and cosy AND it started on time. 8pm, just 30 minutes after the supposed time. Hooray!


Spot the wedding favour - metallic chopsticks.

cold platter

Peach Garden Combination
Roasted Sliced Suckling Pig, Crisp Fried Spring Roll, Chilled Prawn Salad, Chilled Drunken Sliced Chicken, Chilled Octopus in Japanese Sauce

Suckling Pig was pretty good except that it was too thinly sliced. Spring rolls were the next favoured. 

sharks fin

Braised Baby Superior Shark's Fin with Fresh Crabmeat and Bamboo Pith

The table seemed to spot a couple of divers or nature lovers so we ended up with more than one portion each. Tasted more like fish maw soup though. 

salted egg prawn

Golden Egg Yolk Prawn

Loved the tasty thick egg yolk coating the fresh prawn, one, two, three and I forgot how many more I took.


Steamed Garoupa with Minced Ginger and Fresh Lily Bulb in Superior Soya Sauce

The fish was a tad overcooked with the meat too stiff. Loved the minced ginger that came with it - slightly biting but so very addictive.

camphor tea duck

Roasted Camphor Tea Duck

Succulent duck with an amazing crisp skin. Possibly the best dish of the night.

baby abalone

Braised Baby Abalone with Shitake Mushroom and Seasonal Vegetable

Abalone had a slight fishy taste to it and seasonal vegetable was stale. Unimpressed here.

glutinous fried rice

Fried Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat and Conpoy in Lotus Leaf

Yet another stellar one, defined fragrant grains of rice with preserved meat and conpoy. As full as I was, I still found space for this bowl worth seconds.

mango pomelo sago

Chilled Mango and Sago with Pomelo 

Bitter pomelo sacs ruined this refreshing dessert.

For the first time, I attended a wedding that had a fresh cream three-tier cake, from Pine Gardens no less. I wish I stole a snap of the gorgeous looking cake before it was sliced up but anyway, there were three different flavours for each layer.

Coconut custard pudding with julienne of young coconut strips in between each layer

This received mixed reviews. Coconut strips tasted much like aloe vera though.

pinegarden cake

Lychee Martini Cake
Layers of lychee cake with martini-soaked lychee fillings, a definite burst of pleasure

Personal favourite, light sponge meets juicy lychees but martini always disappears without a trace.

Orange Zest Chocolate Cake
Thick and velvety chocolate cake with fluffy orange/mango/lemon layers on top and bottom

Mighty surprised with their chocolate cake - rich and addictive! Orange and chocolate does go so well together. 

wine x champagne

Amazingly smooth riesling and champagne to toast! Congratulations A and C!

Standard of Peach Garden varies across its outlets and at this particular one, quite stunning infact.

Peach Garden
Hotel Miramar

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  1. I love Pine Gardens' Cocotero! Hahaha so when is your turn to host the wedding dinner :-)

  2. Most wedding dinners are usually at some hotel where the food is usually sub-par. But every once in a while, a food-loving couple holds their wedding dinner at some awesome restaurant, and the ang pow you give really makes sense because the dinner itself was good! Your friends A and C totally made the right move. Nobody really remembers the hotel decor and its surroundings but everyone will remember the food, esp if it's good!

  3. @ice: hahaha...errrr....loooooong time more!

    @bern: yea they did! cosy and private just the way they wanted.