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La Viva Spanish Tapas and Bar @ Chijmes

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We ran out of luck with LeVel33 and Salt Grill one weekend and ended up wandering aimlessly at CHIJMES - I figure this is where strategic location plays a part in deciding to eat. La Viva enticed.


The abso chill surroundings, hardly filled for the evening infact.

intimate corner

Leopard print chairs!


Chorizo with White Wine ($13)

Sizzling hot, thinly sliced Chorizo that was on the salty side but one of the more decent chorizo attempts. Would have preferred them thicker.


Asparagus with Serano Ham ($13)

The few attempts with Spanish hams have been limited to Iberico and Jamon, Serano is a type of Jamon ham. The asparagus was a tad old which was disappointing to pair with serano.


Mushroom in Garlic Cream

Recommended by the waitress - simple yet so good.


Baked Escargots in Garlic and Parmesan Cheese ($11)

Soft escargots meets over salty marination. Ack factor was high up.

We were ravenous and when the mains seemed to go in all directions - american lamb shank, mexican fajitas or even italian pasta, we could not care less about how good they would potentially taste. Logically speaking, we should have waited half an hour for paella.


Seafood Spaghetti ($25)
Prawns, mussels, squids, aglio olio

Overcooked pasta, bland sauce and average seafood.


Pan-seared Red Snapper ($28)
Butter capers sauce, mashed pumpkin, grilled asparagus

Not the freshest of catches,the mash was somewhat watered down and asparagus was old.

grilled chicken

Grilled Chicken Thigh ($25)
Chef's spices, roasted potatoes, fresh rosemary sauce

Of the three, this was the best for La Viva.


Spanish Doughnuts with Vanilla Ice-cream and Chocolate ($9)

Like fried you tiao with a strange density.

I say stick with their tapas rather than venture beyond with their obviously not spanish specialties.Truth be told, I am questioning if I am not a fan of Spanish cuisine or La Viva is not a true reflection of what the cuisine is capable of.

La Viva Spanish Tapas and Bar

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