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Hup Lee Cafeteria @ The Arcade

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Word has it that this is Raffles Place’s best sliced fish soup. So good and so popular that OLs have taken time off their official lunch hours of 12pm to start hogging seats at 11-ish. So hot that people are willing to brave neverending queues of at least 40 people to get their fish soup fix. So addictive that the companion actually had this for a week straight. By the time I reached slightly after noon, the place was so packed, manoeuvring in between tables was an archaic task and if I were any bigger than I already am, I would have problems exiting the eatery. Immensely thankful for good ventilation – at least I did not reek of fish soup!

fish soup

Fresh Fish Soup ($4.50) for the health conscious.

fish soup fried

Fried Fish Soup ($4.50) comes with a clear based broth, seaweed, chinese beancurd, preserved vegetables and breaded dory fish filets. There is a difference between fried fish and breaded dory fish filets, the latter ends up soggy with the crumbs. The dory fish was hard to miss, with the distinct taste and smell that comes with it. Otherwise, the rest did determine ingredients for a good fish soup. Loved the fried garlic and chiil though. Definitely was not wow enough to warrant a week’s worth of revisits.

Hup Lee Cafeteria
#01-35, The Arcade

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