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Da Paolo Gastronomia continues

Is it me or cakes in cafes, restaurants and eateries and coffee joints have inflated so much in prices...sometimes it barely makes sense anymore? When all I crave for is good cake, heck about the ambience or service! Da Paolo fits the bill to a T for great dessert at takeaway GST, no taxes...they could be absorbed into the price I am forking out for...well until it goes beyond the comfort zone.

I often find myself mulling over their chilled tubs of dessert pondering what to get. There's simply too much choice that I torture myself with. Everything looks so good! 

dessert box


Toffee banana crostata

All things rich and luscious.

banana love

Layers of heaven.

toffee sauce!

Food porn.

Toffee Banana Crostata ($8)

As undeserving as it looks, I took the gamble with a tart. Chilled cream and tart can go so very wrong if not executed well..the number of soggy tarts I have encountered are enough for me to throw the Ferragamo heels at the pastry chef. 

Indeed, it's chilled whipped thick cream meets banana and molten toffee sauce in a tart! Delish already? It was freaking mad delicious. For once, I did not mind the less than crunchy tart one was a mindblowing combination of ripe bananas and toffee sauce..ingenious was a moment of my favourite milkshake flavour in a tart. Loved it to bits.

As much of a hardcore dessert-aholic I am, sharing is always advised as too much of a good thing is a killer.

da paolo

I12 Katong has an outlet at the basement which is hard to miss.


Chillers worth for the hungry.

short tables

I totally dislike their seating options, the sofas are still bearable but the chairs are almost impossible to seat comfortably without straining the back.

Reheating options are available for their food in tubs. A pity always is the food is either over heated or underheated.


Beef Lasagne ($9.50)

shepherds pie

Cottage Pie ($8)

shepherds pie

Both had a really delish bolognaise sauce but the cottage pie was alot more palatable than the one-dimensional beef lagsane which I attributed to the bland pasta sheets. The cream cheese topping made the lasagne gooey-er than desired, though that being said I have yet to try lasagne that has blown my socks off.


Pizza ($8.50)

Hard crusty bread base with hardened cheese, cold sausages and caramelized onions which made this alot sweeter than expected.

green wall

On a separate occasion, I actually had Da Paolo over two consecutive meals most unintentionally. Da Paolo Raffles Place is more laidback, strange when it's right smack in the busy hub.

salmon pastry

Salmon with Spinach Pastry ($5 per 100 gsm)

A slab of this cost me slightly over $6 and I had it reheated. Even then, no fragrance whatsoever. Completely defeated by the droolicious looking beef lasagne.


Beef Lasagne ($9.50)

The time round, lasagne won completely. Worlds apart from the one attempted at I12, molten cheese tick, beef bolognase spilling all over tick...and smells insane tick!

lemon cupcake

Lemon Cupcake ($3.50)

The tooth achingly sweet lemon frosting did mask the dry cupcake quite abit. I had my sugar fix and was barely satisfied.

Roast Beef and Swiss Cheese on Ciabatta ($13)

Crazily crusty bread packed with rockets and cheese that the beef was somewhat missing from all the action. I love their bread, big time! Portions are good enough for two.

Still bent on trying out their other items, I headed back yet again! So much for perseverance sometimes.


Cannelloni ($8.50)
Spinach and Ricotta

Italian cheong fun is what this is. Decently smooth pasta sheets with mashed spinach and topped with a layer of ricotta cheese. My main grouse with their pasta dishes and in fact, pizzas even is..the fragrance oversells it. The first bite usually ends with disappointment. Mostly bland this was, thankfully parmesan cheese and chilli flakes with a dash of chilli sauce could revive it.

eggplant parmiagiana

Eggplant Parmigiana ($8.50)

It did not dawn on me that there was no pasta in this, instead layers of egg plant and cheese. Tasty I'd say and tons better than their pasta sheet dishes.

macadamia nut cheese

Macadamia Caramel Cheesecake ($8.50)

Digestive biscuit went too soggy for this but I liked the fragrant macadamia nuts and moist cheese cake.


Cream Caramel ($3.90)

cream caramel

Misunderstood it to be creme brulee, this was just custard with caramel sauce beneath. Ordinary at best.


Tiramisu ($7)


Finally one that deserves much mention - they all got it right, one of the more memorable tiramisus around. Moist without being too soggy, right dosage of liquer and balance of cocoa powder and cream.


Well worth the sin!

Tiger Swiss Roll ($4)

Finally their tiger roll came in small size! Sweetened whipped cream with strawberries and utterly moist swiss roll. Delish!

Stick with their desserts for a fanfare time, at least more surprises are in store that way.

Da Paolo Gastronomia

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