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Platinum Mall Eats

The only reason for me why shopping in Bangkok is major therapy and so addictive - Platinum Mall. Proven year after year, visit after visit, luggage after luggage. It's probably one of those situations that I may just skip a meal to enjoy another hour of shopping. For bangkok, shopping triumphs food. As such, having a food court within minutes away is godsent. Stole some time to steal some bites at the foodcourt located on the top floor. Be mindful of their closing hours though, the mall closes about 7pm and the eateries close shortly there after.

tom yum goong

Tom Yum Goong (THB 80)

As fiery as it looks, it was not as spicy. Prawns though generous were not that fresh either. A weak take on what Bangkok is so capable of.

green curry chicken 

Green Curry Chicken Noodle (THB 90)

Thai Express educated me on green curry and none of that were this thin in consistency. The clear broth was quite spicy and noodles were a cross between mee sua and bee hoon. Served piping hot would have made all the difference.

We also chanced upon Fuji Japanese Restaurant within Platinum Mall! It is one restaurant that I wanted to try from Bangkok to Phuket and still did not have a chance.

fuji jap 

Supposedly serves up really good Japanese food!

Just in time for Valentine's?

hot water 

Hot water on the house.


Miso soup which came with my bento set. Filled with loads of enoki mushrooms.

sushi bento  

All of THB 280 and I get a set looking so decent! I'll talk about it in compartments as seen above;

Salmon and Tuna sashimi - Thickly cut and really fresh!

Sushi rolls - The rice was a tad too soft but still delish nonetheless. I thought the sweet red beans were more dessert than mains. Enjoyed it too!

Grilled salmon, teriyaki chicken, chicken wrapped asparagus, chicken balls and tamago - These were just alright, loved the salmon best.

Breaded fish, crabcake and potato - Anything fried makes me happy.


Another shot of the proteins.


Ramen just because the companion wanted something soupy. At THB 80, I thought this was a disastrous take on Japanese ramen. First up, egg was hard boiled, broth was lacking in oomph and last of all the ramen was really instant noodles. A poor remake of Japanese ramen!

I walked in expecting to be wowed by Japanese food in Thailand, like I was in Hongkong but the experience was fulfilled by the really cheap prices and moderate food.

Platinum Mall

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