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Erawan Tea Room @ Grand Hyatt Erawan Boutique

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 I was adament on having leisurely components included in this particular trip be it a 2 hour lunch or high tea or massage, a rarity since most holidays are so maxed out with sightseeing and/or shopping that reduces me to a tired mess once the supposed vacation ends.

Erawan Tea Room was highly ranked on Tripadvisor, as much as I do not like relying on Tripadvisor much for food after the numerous misses...I still took the risk this time. Nested in Erawan Mall, home to all the Club21 labels...getting there was a hassle to begin with even though it was right next to Chidlom station. Cabdrivers did not fathom my frustrated explanations of "Erawan Shrine? Four faced Buddha?" I nearly did not make it there. 


Gleefully I found Erawan Tea Room! Without the pomp and circumstance that Mariage Frerres or TWG Tea Salon exudes, this already spelt a luxe high tea ahead.

erawan teahouse

Filled with enough like-minded folks. Their high tea session starts at 230-630pm, perfect for those who want to steal a bite in between meals and rest the tired legs from all that retail therapy.


Mostly tourists I must say. Within earshot were tourists from Hongkong and Europe. I like how laidback this place is, overlooking their shopping belt and minor living room touches.


Corners like these to fit small groups but these made gossipy conversations difficult - everything is within earshot!


Lovely plate! Everything seen at the Tea Room can be bought, cutlery, plates, tea sets...tea and even cookies.

afternoon tea

260 THB for high tea is a major steal, double score for a hotel high tea too!


There's a choice of tea or coffee either cold or hot.


Fell in love with the teapot - beware of its scalding temperatures though.


Picked Pandan tea from a list of tempting tea flavours. Awesome pandan fragrance!


A range of sugars to sweeten.

pandan tea

A peek into the teapot, so that's where the fragrance is permeating from!

part 1

There were two parts to the high tea - savoury and sweet served separately. The staff took extra care to ensure not all were served at once.

Deepfried Minced Chicken with Chilli and Mint Leaves

A tight-fisted chicken ball inspite of its size packed a fiery punch. Nice!

Grilled Marinated Pork Skewer

My only attempt at Thai Satay! This yakitori was quite well done.

Steamed Flower Shaped Dumpling Filled with Crabmeat

On hindsight, this soon kueh equivalent tasted more like a savoury peanut dumpling.

Roasted Coconut, Lime, Chilli and Ginger with Betal Leaves in Crispy Basket

Roasted Coconut always brings a smile for its crunch and tropical flavours that it adds to the dish. Did not quite make out the flavours when eating this delicately made snack.

Steamed Sago Dumpling with Minced Turnip and Peanuts

Once again overpowered by the peanuts.

Thai Style Chicken Curry Puff

A more than decent curry puff - delish curry stuffing.

savoury sampler

Another shot of the scrumptious savoury platter.

mango sticky rice

Mango with Sticky Rice

Definitely the best mango stick rice attempted on this trip - mango slices so fragrant and sweet with their fluffy and chewy sticky rice drizzled with a decadent coconut gravy. To top the rest, this had fried rice grains for the added crunch. Sublime, ultimate!

dessert sampler

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Skewer

Unimpressive skewer, would have preferred a skewer with mango, guava and pineapple anyday!

Crispy Sesame Roll

Their take on my favourite cny snack of loveletters, these were crumblier with a sesame seed fragrance.

Banana Dumpling in Banana Leaf Cone

Interesting one, banana pudding was drap looking with a thick consistency. Not too huge a fan of this somehow.

Coconut Puff

Intricately made with a suggee cookie base and stuffed with coconut. Very peranakan indeed.


Sweet Bean Paste Fruit Shapes

Just when I was lamenting on not trying any of these during the trip, they were served! Such nifty fingerwork to replicate the fruit designs - loved the bean baste dessert much.


Scones with Clotted Cream and Chiang Mai Strawberry Jam

For whatever "chiang mai strawberry jam" is, I have to admit the jam unlike most sold over the counter was more organic in taste, whole strawberries and a less gooey texture for this. Scones were passable but I guess the focus was really the jam which I found so irresistible.


Crispy Rice Pudding with Taro, Corn, Pumpkin or Spring Onion

corn fritter 

Crispy on the outside, uber soft within...not too bad!

The hightea was a good way to taste some of Thailand's desserts and snacks, which I found particularly satisfying.Citibank was having a 15% off promotion so that made this high tea even more worth the while. High tea under SGD 10 in Singapore is completely unheard of, definitely not in hotels nor even in cafes. Please make this a visit! Service is faultless too...two thumbs up!

Erawan Tea Room
Grand Hyatt Erawan Boutique
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  1. I went Erawan Tea Room last december too, I totally agree with the Mango Sticky Rice, it is one of the better ones I had in Thailand and Singapore in fact.

    Next time, skip the cab and take the BTS to Chidlom instead, cheaper and more convenient (sometimes some of the cab drivers could get very lost and you might just end up paying much more or wasting a fair amount of time in traffic jams)

  2. The price has gone up to 600 baht per pax now... not worth it anymore.
    When was the last time you ate here?