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Drink Culture @ Keong Siak Road

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Drink Culture sits right smack next to Hotel 1929 which makes it hard to miss for its strategic location and all white design concept. What makes it even harder to skip is the trio of skimpily clad ladies in bodycon dresses and skyscraper heels which we all termed "bunnies" or "playboy girl material".

Playing it naughty seems to be the hidden theme of Drink Culture, not that any of us were complaining. The guys were not for obvious reasons, neither were the ladies. The guys were clad in what looked like a reinterpretation of boring bow ties and neatly pressed white shirts.

eskimo interior

Enter their eskimo-like bar - peer up to observe the details paid to the textured ceiling. FashionTV plays on the plasma whilst cute bartenders or waiters try to tempt you with a smooth and slick delivery of "Tell me what you are feeling today".

No fixed cocktail menu - they fix you anything you desire, almost!

Being first timers, we stuck to the usual -

"Feeling sweet, not citrus."
"How about something more masculine."

And allowed them the flexibility of the skies to surprise.


Prefer to stick to the safe - sold by the bottle.

traffic light alert

Pleasantly surprised by kiwi, passionfruit and kyoho grape martinis. Suavely presented and in the most tongue in cheek manner - resembling traffic light colours. Yes, even the married woman was charmed.

That aside, these light hearted martinis were all fruity and delicious without much of the alcoholic punch that most shy away from. I am no fan of passionfruit but this in martini was loved muchly! Adored the fruit purree included, almost like freshly blended fruit juice with a dash of alcohol.

The guys were entrusted with Green Apple and White Russian Martini. White Russian caused an impression with a strong shot of coffee.

I honestly like Drink Culture - No, the bill did not surprise. For the friendliness, for the surprise elements and of course, delicious drinks. A bill for 5 drinks worked out in the region of $120 which is fairly priced with the whistles and belles thrown in.

Drink Culture (Next to Ember)
Keong Siak Street

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  1. Lousy place. Went there last night (Tue night) and was there early. Supposed to meet friends there but as I was there first one there I walked in and looked around. The chick at the door (hot as she was), had no EQ or PR skills that a "hostess" should have. She questioned me like I was a suspect in a very bad episode of Hawaii Five-O. "What are you here for?"..."Looking for a friend.." "There's no one here now..." "Er..ok." (Tries to block me from going you running a meth lab you don't want me to see???) (Actually the inside is as empty as her head probably is) She :"You can see its empty." (Authoritatively) (Yes officer! I can!) "I will have a drink here then." (Crap, she should have invited me to have a drink like a good host in any EMPTY club rather than be so suspiciously defensive). I sit down at the right side of the bar. "NO! Sit over there." Sure...cos you are going to be packing it in with you sunshine attitude and personality.
    When my friends came, we ordered one more drink each and left. Bartenders and waiteresses were great though. Pity about the bar hostess. Personality of a....crap. She was colourless. Who am I kidding...

  2. @anon: whoa..sorry to hear about your nasty experience! hits and misses I guess!