Bangkok Souvenirs

I used to joke about Lin Zhen Xiang being the marriage of Lim Chee Guan and Bee Cheng Hiang in Bangkok. Their flagship store is at Chinatown that is usually packed with tourists. Fret not, their prepacked goodies can be purchased at MBK or Platinum Mall Top floor but at a more limited range and possibly marginally higher prices too.

pork floss sticks

Pork Floss Sticks, crudely named "Dog's Poop" in chinese. These dense pork floss sticks are get as snacks.

floss crackers

Rice crackers sprinkled with pork floss, I believe Lin Zhen Xiang does have the equivalent but these are not under the same label. Crispy rice crackers meets tasty floss. Comes in original and spicy flavour!

lin zhen xiang goodies

Bak Kwa does taste so different in Bangkok. I remember lugging them back by the kilos previously. It was absolutely love at first bite!

bak kwa

Comes in quite a few flavours and personal favourite is black pepper bak kwa! These prepacked ones certainly do not taste as good as those freshly grilled. A tad oily, these can be regrilled for a less oily finish. On the sweet side with a mild ginger aftertaste. A different kind of bak kwa, liking it still!