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Ban Khun Mae @ Siam Square

ban khun mae

We were all craving for an authentic Thai meal preferably not overcrowded with tourists - yet the greatest irony is Ban Khun Mae is located right within the tourist and shopping belt. Many years ago, I walked past this and made a mental note to go back, and I finally did. Ban Khun Mae's one of those highly recommended online and so a visit had to be made.

For easier access, they are right opposite Novotel Siam on Siam Square hotel!

open the door

Comes with a security guard who doubles up as a door opener too!


Adjacent to the live salad bar, the dessert corner already caught my attention!


Soon we realised how packed the place with tourists, hardly any locals. The kitchen was bustling with so much activity and plates were piling up so high, we were lost in all the buzz.


Very organic in outlook.

young coconut

Young Coconut always a must in Bangkok. Sweet refreshing juice to neutralize any acidity of the colourful meal expected ahead.

som tum

Som Tum (THB 70)

On the sweet side but this has always been a favourite - crunchy papaya shreds with a whole lot of other greens and spices. Even with the complexity of flavours, it comes together so well.

pad thai

Pad Thai (THB 120)

Yet another must order during a thai meal, noodles were fried too long and ended up too soft as much as the flavours were wonderful.

tomyum goong

Tom Yum Kung (THB 170)

A mightier punch would have been utterly shiok, I suppose they did tweak it to suit the tourist palette. Nonetheless, a really decent take on this sour-spicy-seafood soup!

pandan chicken

Pandan Chicken

Reads fried chicken in pandan leaf, not spectacular.

mango sticky rice

Sticky Rice with Mango (THB 90)

I always say, save the best for the last. Mightily so. Just for reference sake, Platinum Mall's foodcourt's mango sticky rice goes for a song of THB 90 as well, so Ban Khun Mae's pricing is without a doubt more worthwhile. I do suppose anything after Le Normandie's lacklustre mangoes would taste worlds better and Ban Khun Mae's did...saccharine sweet mango meets chewy sticky rice. Comes close to the best of the trip at Erawan Tea Room's!

Decent thai food we had, I wish it did blow me away on some least the mango stick rice did. Service was terribly blotchy though.

Ban Khun Mae Restaurant
458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road,
Patumwan District, Bangkok 10330

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