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Around the world with Mcdonalds

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I have a dream - a really weird one, to try Mcdonalds in all the countries that I have visited. For QC or really just the kick of it, the same fantasy as some people have with visiting Hard Rock Cafe in every country. As you can tell, this entry began almost 2 years back through the travels and most if not all the time I try to attempt items that are not available here for a cheap thrill.


I remember being down to the last couple of thousand rupiah at the airport, after tipping my really good guide. We could only afford fries and a cone each, if not I would have gone for something more substantial for sure!


IDR 1,000 (Regular Icecream cone)
IDR, 5000 (Small fries)

Icecream was too whipped cream in texture, not a fan even if it's way cheaper than our 70 cent cones!


red bean pie

Red Bean Pie, HKD 6

I had this in late 2010, despite being so full from a dimsum lunch I insisted on gorging this limited edition pie! Actually liked it, the mildly sweet red beans made quite a nice dessert. If only they made this permanent!

yam pie!

Yam Pie, HKD 6

Suppose this is a summer edition when I visited in late May 2011. The yam bits were a tad undercooked and came in a lilac shade too artificial to pass off as a yam pie.


Japan probably has the most innovations of the countries attempted, the bacon ham pie was completely sold out in Tokyo which further reaffirmed how obsessed the nation is with limited editions.

DSC_0201 (2)

Choco pie eaten in Dec 2010. They intelligently recreated a pie from their famous snack Chic Choc, cleverly replicated down to the layers of pastry and molten chocolate! The chocoholic gave her two thumbs up for this.

DSC_0198 (2)

Pork burger that is obviously missing from our menu, did not think this was too memorable unfortunately.



Bagel from breakfast! They have overtaken Mc Cafe for having a more upmarket menu.

bagel cream cheese

NTD 30 for a cream cheese bagel is considered cheap, the bagel was dense and chewy with a crusty finish. Eaten Dec 2011.


chicken rice

The latest of all Mcdonalds conquests goes to Bangkok visited in February 2012. They were promoting the Namtok Rice at THB 59. There is a choice of beef, chicken or pork. Really decent rice dish! The chicken nibblets were packed with just enough spice.

nacho cheese fries

Additional THB 15 for the nacho cheese dip, the fries were an unfortunate case of over frying and soggy. The nacho cheese dip barely rivaled KFC's cheese fries. 


THB 29 for their latest ham and egg pie! Savoury pies seem to be on the agenda of Mcdonalds across the region.

ham and egg croissant

I was not impressed with the ham and egg combination, very pedestrian in taste.

Onto more mcdonalds' conquests!

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  1. Hahaha they should do a 奶黄 pie in HK! *Slurps*

  2. Oh I meant 流沙 pie hahaha.

  3. hk macs has macaroni soup for breakfast too, it was pretty decent!

  4. @ice: TOTALLY. I'll be first to lug back some!

    @stargirl: oooo...didn't entice me somehow. heex.