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于記杏仁豆腐 (Yu's Almond Tofu) @ Ximending

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Yu's Almond Tofu caught my eye - located in the next lane from the hotel. I was secretly hoping a Laoban-equivalent.


They promise all things healthy and good.


We were the first customers for the day! Procrastination usually ends up with me missing out completely as history would prove.

almond tofu

熱杏仁豆腐(冬季限定) (TWD 58)

Almond milk with almond tofu served hot. A seasonal new dish which they very annoyingly officially launched the next day with a 1-for-1 promotion! The crunchy almonds gave it a crunchy bite but the tofu had a weird texture. Like kueh, almost. Almond milk was too mild too.

Yu's Almond Tofu
Ximending Station (Exit 3)

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