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Tam Shui Old Street Eats

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Next to Fisherman's Wharf is Tam Shui Old Street when it comes to the iconic of Tam Shui. In fact, the old street is pretty much a night market of its own that spans 3-4 streets worth. The signatures of Tam Shui are
阿給, fish balls, iron eggs, 虾卷 and icecreams.

ah gei

Soon I realise 阿給 was so ubiquitous and queues were no longer a good judgement of its standard.

double whammy

I sell, you sell...everyone sells the same!

ah gei x fish balls

Decided to go with the one with more crowds.

shop front

Takeaway or dine in goes through the same queue.

menu list

All the flavours available.
ah gei

原味阿給 (NTD 35)
ah gei innards

Simply beancurd stuffed with tung hoon and doused in sweet sauce. Nothing too fantabulous about this snack.

fish ball soup stall

Fishballs next! With 40 years of heritage...oh well, nearly every other stall has that long history.

menu on the wall

I bet the menu hardly expanded since the day they started business.

fish balls

Fishball Soup (NTD 30)

Further reaffirmed, whether it is at Tam Shui or Jiu Fen their fishballs have too much flour in them.

bun x fish balls

Pork Bun (NTD 10)

pork bun

My charsiew pau would be a better option anyday over this. Minced meat which made this all too soft for comfort.

ah xiang

Even for 虾卷, every single one was a 阿香franchise!

Ended up buying from this stall. Brush the prawn fritters with a garlic sauce - crunchy delight!

more ah xiang

How to tell which one is good?

bread alert

I remember an ex-colleague microwaving her prized bull-horn croissants lovingly brought back from Taiwan by her husband. The fragrance emitted was drool-inducing and in the most cruel manner ever, she had none to offer me.

cow packaging

Paper packaging.

金牛角 so gorgeously browned but hard as a rock. Was bread based rather than layers of buttery pastry. Mega disappointment!

ah po tie dan

The only 阿婆铁蛋 shop! Each packet of small or large eggs went for NTD 100.

pretty girl

Macau portuguese egg tarts and crepe cakes were quite a mismatch in this place. Well, at least there was a sweet faced lady selling them!

hao hao da chicken cutlet

Shih Lin brought to Tam Shui!

bird eggs!

Fried quail eggs!

flip em over!

I honestly wonder how she manages to flip such small eggs.

icecream stall

All over Tam Shui.

icecream stall

Finally settled for the cheapest at NTD 10.

yam x mango ice

Mango and Yam though described as milk icecream barely tasted like any milk was added.


Queues like these are too distracting to ignore.


NTD 10 each!

golly, the generosity!

Look at the mountain of fillings.

red bean

Red Bean Pancake so stuffed with fillings, every mouthful was red bean. Complete dream come true, those in Singapore have too much though. This had enough filling and the crisp dough was just so good.


No, it is not a hattrick, the same magic continued with the custard.

sausage stall

I tried pork sausages but how about wild boar sausages?

grilling on the spot

Watching and hearing them sizzle under fire...oohlala!

lol packaging

A ridiculously cute packaging.

wildboar sausage

NTD20 is a ripoff to pay for a sausage filled with so many fatty chunks.

cake shop

Even on the way out, the eyes were kept peeled for this shop! Traditional cake shop.


Freshly made!





stall holder

Claims of no preservatives and a promise of a bite of tradition.

half loaf

That's NTD 50 worth.

cake sliced

Not a butter cake, this foamy spongey cake was as described 綿密. Really good stuff!

Tam Shui

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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