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Sun Moon Lake Eats @ Taichung

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The rock that symbolises having step foot on the gorgeous Sun Moon Lake.


I thought only skies like these belonged to Europe.

sky line

More of the lovely skies.

wedding shot

Understandably why Sun Moon Lake is such a picturesque spot for wedding photos. The cruise that we hoped on had two stopovers and in the pamphlet, each stopover had a sightseeing spot and some recommended eats.


First stop!


The only recommended eat was Granny's Mushroom Tea Egg! Looks like even Coca Cola is also being endorsed.

ah ma

Priced at NTD 10 each, considerably a steal! Word has it at they have sold a record breaking 15,000 eggs on a certain New Year's Eve. I wonder how many chicken farms they need to work with.

one and only

Close up of the banner.

tea eggs

Simmering in the herbs and tons of mushrooms.

look at them mushrooms

If only they sold the mushrooms alongside, I would have gladly eaten them!

10 each

Scalding hot tea eggs!


No different from tea eggs except they were overall salty. The fragrance of the mushrooms were well infused.

The designated yacht picked us up 45 minutes later, so it was time to visit yet another stopover. The stopover featured attractions like a cablecar ropeway to a certain Aborigine village. As much as I would have loved to spend tons of time at this particular stop...I soon realised how much of a dead town it was.


Recommended by TVBS but closed.


Yes, a handmade mochi was a recommended eat but those open were clearly swapping flies.


More stalls recommended stalls but they decided to shut the doors too!

row of shops

The only signs of activity...but these had visitors because they were amongst the first few stalls that visitors would see upon setting foot on the island.


Finally one that was crowded!

pumpkin head

A delayed Halloween treat!

pumpkin burger

Pumpkin Bun with an oriental twist - Wild Boar Meat, Preserved Vegetables, Onions and Cheese. Yet another of those chinese hamburgers but it was all too mushy to even make sense of the flavours. For the testosterone-raging teenage boys who were ordering this in the dozens, I figure they just wanted something to fill their stomachs more so than taste.


Tea18 was recommended!


A Sunmoonlake menu!


Quaint shophouse.

famous tea

阿薩姆紅茶 had a certain fragrance I cannot identify what exactly but otherwise was ordinary. The hilarity of the situation is a bunch of other Tea18 shops also popped up along the way so you really cannot tell which is the recommended tea house.


Handmade loveletters using the fragrant tea leaves too!

freshly made loveletters

Sweeter than those tried elsewhere.


Too crumbly!

So that wrapped up the half day tour of the gorgeous Sunmoonlake! It was a great pity the foodstalls were mostly closed, makes you ponder if the list of recommended eats was all part of a gimmick.


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