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SIN-HKG-TPE: Cathay Pacific

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Time for the annual year end holiday again and this year, we ended up in Taipei! It is one of those places like Korea that at some point in time I would have traded off my tresses even to go because of their idol dramas. Well, I was there almost a decade too late.

Flying Cathay again, one of my favourite carriers to fly by...awesome landing and take off! Been through enough ear shattering landings to pay for a good one. The entertainment onboard fell short of expectations though - nothing much to catch nor listen too!


There was an option of Fish Congee or Omelette for breakfast and we all headed western.



meiji yogurt

Came with Meiji Strawberry Yogurt which was different from all the other Meiji Yogurt products bought off the supermarts. Raisin croissant was unfortunately dry and fruit salad was boring.


cheese bread

Lunch onboard turned out to be refreshment - still miles better from UA's meal packs! Heated packs of ham and cheese bread. Loved the toasty sides, chewy texture and cream cheese. Orange juice and delish bun makes me a happy traveller.


turkey bread

On the way back, we had refreshment once again in the 1.5 hour flight. This time chicken ham bread with BBQ sauce which I thought was not too complementary.


Peanuts were served as appetizers after the plane delay - by the time proper dinner was served...was almost 11! Supper methinks.

I still cannot figure out where does the meal trolley honestly start - the front or back? Every time I choose a seat near start of the row, the trolley starts behind, so on and so forth.

Fish with Rice and Chicken with Potatoes were offered but by the time it reached us, the latter ran out. The very kind steward took the initiative to help us search high and low and most apologetically returned with Business Class options - brownie points for Cathay Pacific!

Duck with Rice or Fish with Potatoes - we tried them both! Sounds super noob saying this but every differentiation is made for each class of cabin - right down to the porcelain plates. Until someday I decide to pamper myself completely - business class shall remain a frivolous dream.

duck rice

Well simmered duck with yam and bean curd skin, this oriental dish was well executed.

fish potatoes

Likewise with the fish, though mildly fishy was no usual dory fish, adored the grilled potatoes and vegetables too.

fruit salad

choc icecream
Pity they had no other dessert choices but chocolate icecream. We ended the flight back on a lucky note - awesome light as a feather landing...! Kudos Cathay Pacific once again!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Woa they even gave you the business class' fish with potatoes when you're actually kinda "supposed" to be taking the fish from the economy class. Hahaha moral of the story: sit at where the meal trolley ends hahaha.

  2. hahaha i say the crew was a newbie and prob didn't know how to handle the influx. nonetheless, lovin' cathay!