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Modern Toilet Restaurant @ Ximending

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modern toilet

I am a fan of themed restaurants. Okay, depending what theme actually. Modern Toilet is at Ximending but not within the central area though so it look us more than one concentrated attempt to find this!


Hard to miss poop mascot!


Poop surely runs throughout the restaurant. Details like lamps and bathtubs that double up as tables. There is a minimum purchase per person again, though depending on the amount per dish they may not be that anal.

honey aloe

Fancy a drink out of the latrine? Honey lemon with aloe vera drink was not too bad.


Appetiser platter of overfried cheese sausages, chicken nuggets and french fries. None too spectacular but we were simply too stuffed to attempt their famous hotpots.

poop icecream

Poop icecream! The only association will be the poop icecream swirl and the design of the plate - made to look like a serious case of diarrhoea. Would have been far worse with strawberry sauce and icecream! Pretty to look act, almost impossible to finish. One portion can easily feed 3 and the shaved ice was more of an ice kachang consistency than their melt in your mouth snow ice. Dang!

For a cheap thrill, a visit may be suggested but I would not suggest setting your expectations so high.

Modern Toilet

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