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Gayke @ Ximending

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Trust the taiwanese to come up with something so outrightly vulgar! Hard to miss in Ximending, especially with huge boards like these being propped up at strategic locations.


Hidden in an alley of nail parlours, this stands out for the crowd. Gayke - stands for gay cake (or so I read online, apologies I forgot whose blog!).

caught on tv

The media naturally picked it up - much to the amusement of the public. Naturally with detractors saying it is too vulgar for comfort. If this concept ever made its way to Singapore, I trust it'll be forced shut down faster than you can say Abercrombie and Fitch.


Perfect for those who want to spread the love at home!


Merry Christmas anyone?

Most of the customers were there for this 大雕燒. Penis-shaped cake with a german sausage and cheese. Graphical as it is and perhaps invoking all sorts of naughty thoughts, this is truly all in the name of fun. They could have trimmed off the excess for a more exact replica though!

gayke bitten

Finish it off with a squirt of mustard, gayke is really delish! With a thick like cake-consistency dough which was also sweetened, I found the german sausage a more palatable alternative to their fat-laden taiwanese sausages. The mustard gave this snack a much needed punch, yummy.

NTD 50 for a bit of fun, why not? Reminded me of the really hilarious visit to Amsterdam's sex museum, life sized male genitalia. Within ear shot, a couple of local army boys pre-ordered seven boxes for the next day's breakfast!


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  1. Lmao! Could you not use that human anatomy word?!?

  2. ahahahahha UHHHHH...well it is what it is what! I don't think my readers are any less informed about it. hiak. :P