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鬍鬚張 (Formosa Chang) @ Yong Ji Road

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formosa chang outside

魯肉飯 was one of the must-tries for me in Taipei, having heard the taiwanese hosts rave heaven and earth about it. One claimed he could consume it every single day. Formosa Chang was one of those that specialised in it with outlets all over Taiwan. This was strategically opposite Wu Fen Pu outlets.


Packed at night and every table had at least an order of it.


Menu on the wall for easy reading.

formosa chang

Everything is branded...right down to the chopsticks.

lu rou fan

魯肉飯(小) (NTD 30)

For 魯肉飯, the pricing is considerably higher than the night markets which usually price it between NTD 15-20. I thought this was quite decent, after the disastrous attempt at Raohe Night Market. Richer in flavour and colour, the lard and meaty bits were easier to consume somehow! Rice was on the chewy side. Now I get what they mean by slurping it down so easily - everything is so soft...chewing is hardly needed.

Will I eat this every other day? Thinking twice about it.

Formosa Chang

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  1. Woo.. I always wanted to try this in Taiwan! Althought the usual night market ones are already good enough for me haha.

    And I know exactly which branch you were at! The one that you had to pass by to get to 后山碑 mrt hahaha

  2. haha welcome back from bkk!! seriously?? the usual night markets lu rou fans are good? =_+"""" Didn't have much with them. HAHA, ure DA tw and hk man!