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Convenience stores

Family Mart, Hi-Lite and 7-11 are probably the more well known convenience stores around Ximending. Trust me to raid them for localised products to attempt.

liption milk tea meets papaya milk

Chocolate Milk Tea by Lipton! The chocoholic thought the consistency of milk tea was too thin.

strawberry milk tea

Undetered, Strawberry Milk Tea next which also faced the same sorry fate!

papaya milk

I stuck to their milk variations - papaya milk! The cool thing is these can be reheated in the microwave if you want them warm. Loved the papaya flavour here, down to the last drop I really enjoyed this!

almond milk

Almond milk was pretty good too! I love almond-flavoured anything so this worked for me.

Everyone whom I know that has been to Taiwan has raved about their instant noodles big time - so much so, lugging back a couple is completely not an option. 

rice wine chicken mee

Started off at supper with 花雕面 herbal as it sounded, it really was herbal!


Completely floored - look at those chicken chunks and wolfberries thrown in too! Talk about making it as real as possible. Tastes just like my Mom's homemade noodles - goodness all thrown in.

These are priced more premium than the regular instant noodles, well worth the price I say! NTD 50 onwards per bowl which may be the equivalent of a piping hot bowl of noodles in the night market, convenience overrules for me.

chicken noodle

Herbal Duck


Priced much cheaper than the rest, this came without the chunky meats, only cubes like above. Nonetheless, still delicious though lacking in wholesome.

sesame chicken

A winter specialty - Sesame Chicken flavour!


I really do not know how they nail it, but they do it so well right down to the colour, fragrance and taste! This was great as well but a pity noodles went soggy too fast. Would have been better if noodles were thicker in consistency.


Here comes 力's Braised Beef Noodle!

beef noodle

Matching the picture completely - they did deliver what they said they will afterall! Thick noodles with a bite and uber hearty broth.

famously so

Now for the big brother of all brothers, 满汉大餐's range of instant noodles! They do retail in Singapore at a select of food fairs.

satchets of heaven

These satchets that make the huge difference.

before hot water

A complete meal on its own - look at the pile of ingredients!


Mamma mia kind of good. I really regret not lugging back a carton's worth!

taiwan beer

What's going to a country without trying their beer? No Tsingtao, I headed for their Gold Medal beer, loved lager! Not too bitter and a tad too fizzy but one of the preferred lagers around.


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  1. The instant noodles look very yummy! How many did you had within a day? :p

  2. haha not all in the same day! :)