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六洲面线 @ Behind Taipei Main Station

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Finding food in taipei is not difficult, given the number of pushcarts selling food - legal and illegal. Especially on a shopping rampage in Wu Fen Pu or whole sale markets like the one behind Taipei Main Station...having mobile hawkers like this one is godsent!

roadside makeshift hawker

Mee Sua with prices lower than Ay Chung's!

mee sua

Does not lose out in terms of taste. Opted out of the innards so this was just a bowl of tasty mee sua! I thought it was cute sitting infront of the cook as he prepared your food. Pretty interactive and informal too. Dawned on me that Ay Chung may be famous but the other mee sua stalls may not be too far off either.

See if you have the luck to chance upon this makeshift stall!


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