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Ay Chung Mian Xian @ Ximending

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found it!

I had a laundry list of things to eat as usual, and Ay Chung Mian Xian ranked tops...even more so when the hotel we stayed was just located minutes away! With quickening footsteps, the crowd outside this national favourite is hard to miss. Patrons sitting outside with haphazardly strewn chairs slurping mee sua is quite a sight.

dishing out

Watching him scoop out bowls of mee sua was quite a sight - the theatrics he did with the ladle and bowl. Not just simply scooping and dishing out.

ay chung

Make a beeline for payment before heading over to the next counter to collect your order.


Make your way to the side to lace the piping hot bowl with either their signature chili sauce (retails at NTD 120 per bottle), garlic sauce or what looked like soya sauce. Find a seat and slurp away.

hearty yum

I am not one who adores food that can be slurped, for the simple reason it lacks bite. Yet for Ay Chung, a totally different story awaits. Served tongue scalding hot, slurping becomes the only way to eat this. Waiting for the bowl to cool is not quite an option - eternity may be the answer for a growling tum. Though slurpworthy, the mee sua has quite a bite on its own. Paired with a broth so rich and tasty, methinks they included squid and probably scallops in it for such a wonderful broth! For the first time ever, I relished the intestines. Chewy innards without the gameyness, I actually liked it.

Oh yes, chilli sauce that doubles up the lip burning sensation and sets the nose on fire, awesome stuff! Seconds we returned for, though I really wish there was more time for thirds, forths and more!

Well worth the hype and returns.

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