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Aoki Sadaharu @ Bella Vita

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From Paris to Japan and finally Taipei, Aoki Sadaharu has been on the list of "to-track-down". Paris mainly because of the macaron madness that I was inflicted with, Japan because that's where Aoki came from but they ran out of eclairs and macarons (like what are the holy odds?) and Taipei, I had to just track it down and stuff just one macaron down the system.


Tracking Aoki Sadaharu down is no brainer, head to to the basement of Bella Vita in their posh shopping district and you are refused photography, almost immediately.

Sneak shots as you can tell further into the entry.

In the basement full of temptations, Aoki Sadaharu stands out for having crowds like that. Mull over what you want and probably have to fight tooth and nail for a seat in their small cafe. Complete tea or tunch within 2 hours, you are gently reminded.


As much as I was rushing for time, I could still spare enough time for a clueless waitress who had the audacity cheek   nerve ettiquette to nod so intently without jotting down our orders only to forget every single item the moment I finished babbling.

Getting a glass of water took quite forever, as with the laying of tea table.


Finally our orders arrived in such pretty colours, all unhappiness went up in smoke.

matcha eclair

Bamboo Eclair (NTD 140)

Famed for eclairs and matcha no less, we had to have it! I wish I could take a bite of everything under those glass counters. For a wish, will always remain a wish.

eclair inside

Eclairs are by no means simple pastries, or so the rest of the confectioners or bakers claim they are. Aoki Sadaharu must be quite a genius then.

An eclair with density and flavour - chockfuls from the green tea frosting on top to the green tea filling. Completely floored. The best eclair ever stuffed into my mouth? Amen. Flavours hardly contradicted with the frosting being lighter than the filling.


macaron platter

Moving onto the macarons which were hollering out so loud at me.

seasalt caramel

Personal favourite of the lot - Caramel Sale (NTD 90). Enough savoury infused into the macaron. Nailed it! I am a total fan now.

Sesame Noir, Pistache and Rose, all flavours well captured within.

Flavours wise, Aoki Sadaharu is not as audacious as Pierre Herme but the macarons are done well. Did not fancy the crisp shells and texture of the innards though, it could do with some bite though.

takeaway macaron

There you have it, the personal favourite on take-away! Sigh, even the nothing-fanciful packaging gets me going gaga.

taipei cityhall

Here's the streets of Hermes, Chanel and Mitsukoshi departmental store at night. Love!

taipei 101

And of course the lovely Taipei 101 which looks so much better at night than in the day.

Aoki Sadaharu
Bella Vita

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  1. T.H.I.S.B.A.M.B.O.O.E.C.L.A.I.R. has been listed as one of the things I must eat before I die. hahhahaa. Jealous much! Why why why doesn't Aoki or Pierre herme come to Singapore!?!?

  2. hahaha yes please. book yourself an airticket to taiwan NOW! or japan?
    sigh tell me about why pierre herme doesnt even consider coming here..not even for gourmet festivals! SIGH.