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Wedding Dinner @ Shangrila

The final wedding dinner to wrap up 2011 - at. long. last. Back at Shang for the third time this year and after the stunning display the last round, I was looking forward somewhat.


Snowglobe for wedding favours with the shimmer to bring a weebit of excitement about Christmas. The ballroom was done up quite gorgeously, it had a secret enchantment forest touch to it. Naise! This time round, ala carte portions were dished out which proved to be a far worse option. Food ended up barely lukewarm throughout the meal and the inexperienced servers seemed to make things far worse - odd proportioning which resulted in leftovers or delays made too long that our table seemed to always be the last to be served.


The uber grand ballroom!

The centerpiece made this wedding dinner annoying - ala carte portions dished out meant longer than normal waiting time required.

Shangri-la Appetizers Delight

I drool at the mere thought of suckling pig, the only correlation was the crispy suckling pig skin with an equally thick layer of jellied fats to match - eeks.

Jellyfish, seafood roll, octopus and prawn salad were commonfare.

sharks fin

Braised Shark's Fin with Shredded Abalone and Forest Mushroom

Like fish out of water mismatched. The broth and shark's fin were speaking different languages - tasted more like seafood broth with shark's fin tossed in.


Baked Sea Perch with Teriyaki Sauce

The greatest pity had to be it served barely warm. Flavours were spot on here.

wasabi prawns

Deepfried Golden Prawns with Wasabi Mayonnaise

The rare times where wasabi mayo packed enough punch.

pik fong tong chicken

Crispy Mongolian Chicken "Pik Fong Tong" Style

Pretty well done I must say, tender meat with crisp skin.

baby abalone

Braised Baby Abalone with Seasonal Greens garnished with Wolfberries

None too spectacular though baby abalone was the main draw.

eefu noodles

Ee Fu Noodles with Shimeiji Mushrooms and Honey Peas

Luckily not soggy.

orh nee

"Or Nee" Sweetened Yam Paste with Pumpkin and Gingko Nuts

By the time this was served, at least half the guests had already left. A first for orh nee so gao (thick in hokkien), the orh nee lover in me is not complaining. Hearty rustic teochew dessert to end the night.

Service at weddings is hardly an indication of the service level of the hotel, that night was no exception. Let's just hope I will not get anymore invites to Shangrila...thrice in a year is an overkill, especially with such fluctuating standards!

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