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Post Bar Revisited @ Fullerton Hotel

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CBD has a ton of watering holes yet somehow I always end up at Post Bar at Fullerton Hotel. Let me just narrate how we ended up at Post Bar...

Lantern at Fullerton Bay was lacking in view given its 5 storeys.
1-Altitude was closed because of the rain.
Five Izakaya was crowded with smokers and bankers.
City Golf gave us a table right at the entrance next to the musicians - boo!

Back in familiar ground!


Headed for a strawberry daiquiri that would not pass off as frozen but icy. Thought this was just alright...still martini-champagne glasses yummier than lychee martini! A tad too potent and hard to ingest. Hyatt Bar's anyday!

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A fruity one that was so easy to like.


Seemingly miserly portions of nibbles for a weekday night. Refills were not volunteered and we did not bother either.

The best entertainment of the night - witnessing a lady getting picked up. Service was mostly detached.

Post Bar
Fullerton Hotel

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