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Jin Shan Old Market @ New Taipei City

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Jin Shan Old Market was one of those adhoc attractions that was kindly included in the itinerary by the driver who insisted that we gave the duck stall a try. Located just outside a temple, business was too brisk for comprehension, yet with utter orderliness.


Hard to miss sign.

take your pick

It's all about the duck, folks.

price list

Rest of the menu.


Plates and plates and plates of piping hot dishes get churned out by the kitchen so readily. Most of which include innards which until the very last day never quite developed a love affair with.

more food

The more friendly dishes.


Duck is sold at a separate corner, diagonally from the main stall.

So here's the deal, grab plates of what you want and find a seat in the separate coffee shop. They trust you not to bail on the meal. Absolute trust - loving that!


Stir fried cabbage with white bait

So simple, yet so good! Two plates of this.


Their famous duck. Just like the yellow skinned chicken, the duck tasted super tender despite being marinated in what tasted like brine.


Stir fried noodles which was a tad soggy and less appetizing than the other dishes. NTD 360 for a meal like this, value for money!

Do save your stomach for more goodies that line the street which drags on for quite the equivalent of eternity.


Fresh yam kueh anyone?


I wonder who ever buys yam kueh in such huge blocks!

yam cake

Each morsel was filled with grated yam and panfried. Delish! Should be served with sweet sauce or chilli!

ah yu ma lao

How about some souvenirs?


Generous samples of peanut or black sesame flavoured rice crispy balls.

ah yu

I succumbed to the friendly salesman!

crispy balls

Like  米通, this hollow snack had a chewy caramel-ish flavour to it. Not too sweet too!


Stumbled upon a homemade muah chee stall and...

muah chee stall

These bags of muah chee were irresistible.

muah chee

I would prefer kneading them myself from the bags as these prepacked ones turned out slightly harder than those sampled.

cactus icecream

Spotted at least 3 stores selling the same at different prices.


3 scoops of ice-cream, not quite icecream I must add. More like slurpee only in a more solid form.

Cactus - Coloured a shade of purple, this was eye catching but not distinctive in taste.

Salted caramel - Not too bad!

Pumpkin - My favourite of the lot with pumpkin shards embedded.

huge pineapple tart

Huge pineapple tarts anyone?

Hawkers like those above are a dime too many, from fruits..


To crabs even!

peanut candy

Peanut candy anyone?

black sugar cake

I wish I had a go at these brown sugar cakes - mega spongey and chewy!

This old market was totally worth the while with a lot more other food options that the night markets do not normally offer and prices are a fraction lower too!

Jin Shan Old Market
New Taipei City

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  1. The duck is jsut steamed duck? Seriously looks like chicken! The ducks in SG is always cooked in dark soya sauce

  2. @foodiefc: yeah! steamed duck...reallly good stuff!