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Loola's by Awfully Chocolate @ Esplanade


Loola's by Awfully Chocolate is the latest venture by the famed chocolate cake bakers. I thought the whimisical ring the name has was quite a cute moniker. Loola's replaces Ichiban Boshi at Esplanade.


Cake display counter, let it not confuse you thinking that the desserts are what's left behind the glass. Purely for showcase purposes.


Loving the whole no frills concept. Having patronized this place before Wong Ah Yoke's review went out, I reckon crowds should be setting in soon. The weekend I was there, the place was rather empty though with a couple of walk ins even at regular brunch hours of 1-ish pm.


Lamp that caught the attention!


Limiting menu for now, hopefully they do increase the variety in time to come!

crab souffle

Crab Cheese Souffle ($18)
Crab meat, Cheddar, Parmesan

I have yet to try Laurent Bernard's famed souffles and the occasion rose for a savoury souffle at Loola's. Few places actually do savoury souffles so I was quite interested to know how it would taste.

crab souffle upclose

Airy fairy foamy light souffle that was heavily infused with cheeses, the crab meat found near the bottom of the rameskin gave it a sweet finish. I have difficulty liking souffles somehow, too light for comfort.

eggs benny

Loola's Egg Benedict ($20)
Poached Egg, Serrano Ham, Loola's Bun, Wild Rocket Salad

Two things that caught the eye -

The portions of the muffins! Puny enough though this further edifies how good things come in small packages. Dense muffins that did not collapse under all that yolk.

The gorgeously created poached eggs, almost as if they were boiled in plastic bags for the folds created on the egg white.

sliced egg benny

Ok, Loola's nailed the eggs benny quite brilliantly. Well poached eggs, adored the contrast between serrano ham which I mistook for proscuitto and tasty wild rocket salad too.

omelette souffle

Souffle Omelette ($22)
Creamy Souffle Egg White, Truffle Oil, Toast, Herb

Jawdropping huge omelette, I wonder if the egg whites were over beaten to achieve such a massive size.

egg souffle inside

I found the souffle texture of the omelette a tad annoying, almost biting into the same nothingness of the crabmeat cheese souffle. The baguette that accompanied this was way too hard to chew.


Lemon Yogurt Cake ($12)
Citrus infused moist cake, Light Lemon Cream Cheese, Vanilla Icecream

Being the only non-chocolate option on the menu, deciding what to have for dessert was easy peasy. I'm pleasantly surprised the shadows of Awfully chocolate in the dessert menu are far and few, apart from it being largely chocolate dominated. I would have expected their famed chocolate fudge cakes to be part of the reportoire.

The cake arrived hot with the frosting quite haphazardly slapped on. Figured that was how the chef wanted it though, for the moist cake to complement the icy cold smooth vanilla icecream. Simply two sponge cakes lathered with a zesty lemon cheese frosting, delightful.

Loola's quite a strong contender for brunch place, cannot wait to be back to try the other options though dinner could be it since the other brunch variations include big breakfast and toasts...clearly lacking in waffles and pancakes!


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