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A&W @ KL

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The Great Root Bear already set the stage for A and W years back when they first arrived on our shores. Now that they are gone, for the umpteenth time...I can only count on their franchises across the Causeway to quell the cravings for waffles, coney dog, curly fries and root beer float!

Located right next to Mcdonalds, this outlet is hard to ignore.

root bear

The cudly root bear!

curly fries

Curly Fries

Served barely warm, these curly wurly fries used to be so iconic of the fastfood outlet. Disappointed that this was just alright - maybe hot fries will be better.

rootbeer float
Root Beer Float

Served barely chilled...yet another dampener. Memories of this wonderful thirst quencher gone in a flash. The scoop of icecream barely decreased the temperature of the drink much. Lacked the fizz as well.

With such disappointment, I was thankful I held back my impending purchase of coney dog and waffles. QC severely needed!

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  1. I miss their waffle with ice cream! A&W will be very welcome in sg if ever they make a comeback here. Wonder why hasn't any chap brought its franchise to sg sigh.

  2. hhahaah yea i miss them too! i suppose A&W isn't that well liked afterall, after having opened and re-opened so many times!

  3. LOL...Not with the quality I tasted in KL. :S