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Ambush Pasta @ Takashimaya Basement

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Nestled in a corner of Takashimaya's has undergone such a major can barely recognise it if you haven't been there in half a year! Modelled after Liang Court's food court, this is largely dominated by Japanese eateries with the exception of Ambush which serves pasta and sausage dishes mainly.


Packed with students and families but the table turnaround time was still acceptable.


Pork Cheese Rosti ($11.50)

I liked the rosti here, crispy potato shreds and slightly oily. Pork Cheese sausage had nothing to yell about.


Mixed Seafood Pasta ($11.20)
+$3.90 to upgrade to set


Garlic bread that came with the chowder was the only worthy mention, soft and crusty. Pasta was ordinary..though it could have been fuscilli that I chose which made this more Pasta Mania than not.

The equivalent of Pasta Mania, I classify Ambush. Unimpressed with the left me feeling full not in a satisfied manner.

Ambush Pasta
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