Monday, October 31, 2011

Jumbo Restaurant @ East Coast Parkway


Jumbo seems to be top of mind recall for seafood though there are tons of other great crab places - Melben has been one I am dying to try but absolutely no luck with! Reservations are definitely required even with the space that they have - two floors worth and packed on a weekday evening. Either tourists go far and wide to eat their chilli crabs even when they have other outlets around or Singaporeans must love their crabs this much.


Beer, always a must for the company!

lemon juice

Refreshing and the perfect antidote to wash down any grease! Loved the aloe vera chunks in it too.


Going back in time with bibs.

salted egg prawn

Wokfried Tiger Prawns with Salted Egg ($30)

Signature stuff, these fresh prawns were coated with a lipsmacking layer of salted egg! Down with soda bicarbonate, I totally detest my prawns crunchy so thumbs up to Jumbo for that. It will be quite a joke of the century if a seafood place embraces soda bicarbonate. So good, we were clamouring for thirds.

pork ribs

Honey Pork Ribs ($21)

Meaty slices of honeyed pork, adored the flavour!

seafood cake

Crispy Yuan Bao ($18)

New on the menu, these are otherwise known as seafood cake. Think fried taupok wrapped seafood cake with cream sauce - I usually do not doubt anything deepfried, this passed the test with flying colours.


Chilli Crab ($110.40)

1.2 kg each and $46/kg, I am not entirely sure why I jumped when I saw the bill - hundred dollar crabs, probably not used to the idea! Anyhow, the gravy was a tad sweet and meat had a mild seawater smell. Not the kind that would blow your mind off, have tasted better.


Fried Mantou ($8 for 16 pcs)

Mantou and crab gravy, as complementary as clotted cream and jam to scone.

fried kangkong

Sambal Kang Kong ($16)

Loved the spice and heat from this dish, great pity we did not order rice to go with it.

mee goreng
Mee Goreng ($15)

Seemed like a spinoff the chilli crab gravy - too sweet and by the time this arrived, the urge for carbs nosedived.

mango sago

Honeydew Sago ($3)

Laced with an artificial sweetness and a plastic smell, I thought this was one bad dessert.

orh nee

Yam Pudding ($4)

This had corn gravy instead of coconut milk, found the yam paste too sweet. Not a huge favourite, actually thought the Riverwalk outlet did a better job.

lemon jelly

Lime Jelly ($4)

The best of the desserts.

Aloevera Lime ($4)

Lime juice negates the effect of a spicy meal - loved the aloe vera chunks within.

My main and greatest grouse is the pacing of the dishes, there was no moment where there was more than one dish one the table. We had to wait for every single dish of the night - mind you, the restaurant was full but not overcrowded. I wonder about the unthinkable waiting time over weekends. By the time the crabs made it to the table, we were unfortunately full so satisfaction was hugely discounted.

I've had better crabs elsewhere so Jumbo did not surprise one bit.

Jumbo Restaurant
Blk 1206 East Coast Parkway
#01-08 Seafood Centre


  1. Normally most people will rave about Jumbo's crab. But yours is entirely opposite, sambal kang kong and tiger prawns seems to be the better dishes.

    For me, I have not gone back to Jumbo for a long time. Its prices are getting too high especially for crabs. Melben's claypot crab beehoon and butter crab are shiok! (and cheaper i believe)

  2. not sure if it's got to do with the outlet but all of us at the table felt shortchanged for the quality of crabs! Well the thing is, there are so many other crab places that have emerged - argh, ok..melben soon! Heard so much but have yet to try!

  3. Go early esp for weekends or Fridays.