Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tung Lok Seafood @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central is fast gaining popularity amongst the friends as a choice for dinner dining location..methinks it's the view that the 11th storey offers.Tung Lok Seafood we headed to for a friend's farewell dinner to load up on the local favourites.

interior tunglok seafood

Cosy cushy surroundings.


Different kind of peanuts with ikan bilis!

salted egg yolk fish cracker

Crispy Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk ($8)

Gateway to sinful indulgence with this! The salted egg yolk was wonderfully captured in the mix which is used in salted egg yolk crab...loved the crunchy fish skin and awesome flavours of this one!

scallops brocolli

Sauteed Scallops with Broccoli in Chef's Spicy Sauce

Bouncy scallops meants crunchy broccoli..!

spinach egg

Sauteed Chinese Spinach with Three Kinds of Egg ($14)

Nothing spectacular though really homecooked in taste.

pork floss tofu

Crispy Toufu with Pork Floss

Yet another homecooked one. Nothing to fault though nothing to rave about either.


Sauteed Sliced Venison with Black Pepper Sauce ($18)

Bambi, is what the companions term this...tender bites of venison stir fried in peppery sauce. I liked it enough for several helpings.

wasabi prawns

Deep Fried Prawns with Wasabi Mayo Sauce ($24)

Deemed signature, it was most rightfully so. Prawns were not too artificially crunchy...loved the wasabi mayo sauce which made this chopstick-licking yummy!

deep fried 

Deepfried Marble Goby Fish

I'm no fan of fish with bones embedded and marble goby is one of which. I liked how the kitchen cooked the fish two ways, head and tail deepfried whilst the body was stir fried. Fried to such crispness, the oil control was pretty awesome...barely dripping!

stir fried

Sauteed Sliced Fish with Ginger and Onions
For this particular cooking style, the succulent meat could be enjoyed.

 sea cucumber stew

Braised Sea Cucumber with Mushroom in Oyster Sauce

Served hot pot style, I thought it was a different way of cooking sea cucumber apart from the festive hoe see fatt choy. The cucumber could have been softer. 

Eating in a big group always means you get to try most if not all the desserts! Hooray for that.

coconut cream orh nee

Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts served in Young Coconut ($8)

This took nearly forever to arrive but well worth the wait. Hearty mildly sweetened orh nee in young coconut. Loved scraping the coconut flesh and licking off any remainders of the orh nee.

honeydew sago

Chilled Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo

Crushed ice made this less outstanding though it was a different kind of mango cream with sago.

gui lin gao

Homemade Herbal Jelly 

Has to be one of the more dreadful ones attempted...barely bitter, in fact it tasted like herbal grass jelly.

soyabean curd pudding with avocado cream

Chilled Silky Beancurd Pudding with Avocado Cream ($8)

I'm loving beancurd puddings over soyabean curd these days...still not as melt-in-your-mouth as Lao Ban's but this had a tad more gelatin to it..hence the jell-o bite to it! A pity the portion of avocado cream was a tad miserly..otherwise, this deserves seconds!

banana red bean fritter1

Red Bean Pancake with Banana ($6, 4 pcs)

I thought there'd be a 15 minute wait slapped on this but it was amongst the first dessert to arrive.

banana red bean fritter

Goreng Pisang with red bean...adored the light batter for this one!

Overall a pleasant experience at Tung Lok much as their specialty is in seafood their non-seafood options did not fare too badly either. Service deserves a resounding F particularly. It went all well until we ordered desserts which obviously was not an area that the chinese waitress could handle. She gave a blank look, threw up her hands in frustration and walked off to her senior. My thoughts on this is; if you can't handle basic not bother working in the Food and Beverage industry..even if the establishment is chinese!

Tung Lok Seafood
Orchard Central, Lvl 11

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