Friday, May 27, 2011

Mayim Chinese Cuisine @ Northpoint


Mayim is one of those places that I have read quite abit about and normally would not have the impetus to travel island far and wide for a place unless it is really good. Anyhow, off to Northpoint really randomly and I have to take my hats off the heartlander malls that are fast becoming a better option to town malls sans the maddening crowds. Not that the crowds are any less threatening here but most places were packed to the brim with people for dinner.


Cheena surroundings..and uber packed!


Variety of sauces..


Crispy Roasted Pork ($7)

Sliced so thick, these are by far the thickest siew yokes I have ever attempted. An overkill perhaps because of the porky gameyness that got to me and the less than spectacular soggy skin.


Spiced flavoured "La Mian" topped with minced pork, peanut, sesame and preserved vegetable served dry with special meat sauce ($6.70)

I was watching the chefs knead and create strands of noodle from dough...which is major therapy! Anyhow with every other table ordering a bowl, I made a gutsy choice and it was a wrong one. Soggy noodles drenched in peanut sauce already sounds wrong...and with the complicated string of ingredients above, it was far from right. What baffled me most was the consistency of noodles, by normal standards..handmade noodles are less likely to be soggy but these were. Could barely finish them.


Light Nutricious Double Boiled Soup ($6.50)

MSG-laden but it was nice to have chinese soup once in awhile after all the artery clogging good food "outside food" always serves.


Wok fried Venison with special Chef's Sauce garnished with Sweet Potato ($12)

Overfried sweet potato chips with normal venison. I was quite thrilled really, to find some normalcy in the meal.


Sauteed Spinach with assorted Mushroom, Tomato and Japanese Edamame ($8)

Not too bad...adored the assorted mushrooms!

I would have loved to give their mango and pomelo sago a try but it was sold out. Anything else that sounded out of the norm (by this point) was a major no-no. I realise Mayim does not wow in the least I was not..the homecooked ones fared a whole lot better. Will not be rushing to return anytime soon.

Mayim Chinese Cuisine


  1. I like the noodles at Mayim and having tried both the West Mall and the Northpoint outlets, I felt that Northpoint doesn't fare as well.

  2. The prices were pretty cheap for such dishes.

  3. @ xinli: oh?? hmmz..could be a wrong choice of noodle dish but it was one scary one!

    @ lorraine: haha yes! I'd say really affordable chinese dishes in restaurant setting.