Monday, May 30, 2011

Dozo Revisited @ Valley Point

Back to Dozo for lunch one dreary work day. It was barely filled of which the defence could be the festive season and people rather hang out where shopping is for last minute quick fixes. We were given a cosy room for three of us to whine, bitch and destress.


Complimentary juices to whet the appetite.
bread stix

Complimentary cheddar, green tea and spicy sticks which I nibbled on so ravenously.

trio appetizer

Chef's selection of assorted platter

The same platter of scallops, foie gras on toast and smoked salmon. Still a fan of their foie gras, creamy goodness! The same grouse of such puny portions.


Gratinated Escargots topped with Yuzu Butter


soft shell crab

Tempura battered Soft Shell Crab on Mash Potato

Still a favourite, loved the crunchy tempura coating and mash potato that had truffle oil infused.

mushroom with truffle

Infusion of crepes Mushroom with Truffle

Thick mushroom soup that was fuller in taste as compared to my clam soup.

clam consomme close up

Clam Soup

With a pathetic clam, this clear soup was a tad oily and light. Lacked the oomph of a seafood soup.

clam consomme

Baby cute!
Beef Tenderloin on Pu Ye and Granite Hot Stone

The same novelty presented and the company was all gaga over it. Pity the tenderloin got boring after awhile without much flavour nor beefy taste. Otherwise, it's another tender slab of meat.

pork with onion jam

Kurubuta Pork Cheek with Onion Jam

I resisted cod and lobster to order this. The same tender melt in your tendency with the yummy bread crumbs coating it. Still as irresistible as before!

red bean fritter

Japanese style Red Bean Puff with Vanilla

molten red bean

Like ham chim pengs, these were deepfried and stuffed with a molten red bean paste. If only they served more of these!

fruit tea

Ice Mallow Apple Melody
Mallow flowers, apple and guava juice

A light fruity beverage to round off the meal.

Dozo's meat dishes tend to be on the tender side, even the braised lamb shank I was having second thoughts on was guaranteed "very soft". You have to appreciate your meats without the usual gameyness or meaty taste to relish these softies.

Once impressed, twice satisfied. I probably will not be raring to return anytime soon...unless there is a menu revamp. Service is attentive but lacked the personal touch like the previous visit. It was pretty much superficial this time around.

$39.80++ 6 course lunch

Valley Point


  1. Tau sar fondant! Gotta give it to them to think up such a dessert. Then again, it's like egg white red bean souffle. But still yums.

    hehe both times you had the same 2 main courses. =S

  2. hahah YES! just a naming of a very ordinary dessert. *chuckles* very observant eh..the rest of the menu didn't quite appeal so sticking with the familiar should work. ;p