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Mount Fuji

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Mount Fuji has been known to my all my life as Japan's famous. Visiting Tokyo and not seeing Mount Fuji is as good as going to Beijing and missing Great Wall of China. It baffles me, especially after seeing it why it failed to make it to the 7 wonders. The closest I ever got to, was Great Wall which till today..I admit, it was magnificent.

I deliberately planned to go to Mount Fuji on January 1st, largely because the rest of the population would be at the shrines and Disneyland. Or so I thought. Besides, it would be epic...starting a brand new year infront of the magnificent. I was taking a gamble with the weather which was shuffling between rainy and sunny. Also, all tours were unavailable for that particular date so I was keeping my fingers, toes and possibly my ears crossed on catching a glimpse.

dirty minded dessert

Porn, infused into dessert.

spy the rat!

Handmade figurines of the zodiac animals. I was surprised to find out the Japanese celebrate new year like we do...zodiac animals included too!


One of the stops that unveiled the hunger in us. Sampling was freeflow and especially catered for tourists.

jap girls

One of the few shops that offered on the spot steamed manju buns.


Love this shot.

steamed manju buns

Yes, they steam it with the plastic wrapper intact.

red bean manju

Steamed sponge cake with azuki bean paste...loved how it was moderately sweet.

mt fuji

Glorious beauty. Getting to this was quite a journey...yet it was all worth it. The way Mount Fuji greets you...spectacular. Breathtaking nearly, we spent a huge amount of time starring at it and trying to capture her in her glorious beauty. I wish I stayed longer to capture her at sunset....absolutely...paradise.

sulphur valley

Owakudani valley, the massiveness of it engulfed me when I stepped out.


Yes, it reeks of sulphur. Real bad. Try trekking up to the top where the sulphur egg hut is located...!


What luck to find a poor kitty hiding in a corner amidst the bulgeoning crowds with signages prompting closure at 5pm sharp.

egg shells

The things that define Owakudani valley....sulphur eggs!

i see it!

Two stations sell the famous sulphur eggs, one at the foot of the hill and the other at the top.


Absolutely a touristy thing to do.


This was totally hilarious...QC for consumers just in case the eggs turn out otherwise...s-m-a-r-t!

5 in a pack

500 Yen for 5 eggs.

sulphur eggs

Ta-dah! Exactly as promised. Honestly it tasted no different from a normal boiled egg, it's just the novelty and eating it with a view like Mount Fuji's made the huge difference.

So that was it, a brand new year unfolded right infront of Mount Fuji...the most definative and unforgettable way to begin the year. I'd never forget the moment I held back tears...the same way I was overwhelmed in one of the churches in Brussels.

Mount Fuji...I just wonder why it isn't one of the world's seven wonders?

Mount Fuji

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  1. Those boobie desserts are everywhere in Tokyo! Or I guess Japan for that matter haha.

    The black eggs do have a slight hint of sulpher to them though.