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The most unlikely cake finds

Sweet finish is how I usually like to end my meals much as possible. Unlike Europe where I had a laundry long list of cakes to try, for Japan...the heart and mind was more on their wagashis than cakes. I wish I'll have another go at their cafes which obviously time never allows when you're on a holiday. Here are just two that I could squeeze in, quite unintentionally. Both, had tales of their own...buying cake (or anything at all!) honestly is never easy in Japan.

C3 Fresca Delizia @ Daimaru Osaka Basement

It was Christmas Eve and I originally planned for a Christmas Logcake takeaway but I couldn't find one below SGD 60 and they were all so puny! Counters were crowded as hell..the Japanese honestly find every rhyme and reason to clear the stocks from food counters. The counter at Wittamer at Osaka Daimaru was overflowing with people snatching up cakes by the boxes. I figure by the time I made it through the blooming crowds, none would be left.

Moving onto C3 which started out empty, I blame my indecisiveness for that when the counter also ended up being engulfed by patrons who obviously moved over from Wittamer after the popular favourites got swiped off.
delicate packaging

And to cut the long story short, we purchased a strawberry shortcake. For this, the counter girl packed it so delicately so it wouldn't be damaged en route back. Such thoughtfulness!
strawb cake c3

Think sweetest strawberries, fluffy sponge cake and light as a feather whipped cream. I think, strawberry shortcake just regained itself in my book of cakes.

Dessert the @ Mitsukoshi, Ginza
DSC_0361 (2)

I had every intention to drop by Angelina's at Printemps Ginza, having missed it in Paris. Imagine my sheer delight when I was browsing cakes in the gourmet section of Mitsukoshi Departmental Store and I spied Angelina's famous mont blancs on sale! Dessert The is a place that sells desserts from everywhere all under one shop. Perfect.
DSC_0369 (2)

Never quite seen a mont blanc in a cupcake wrapper.
DSC_0366 (2)

Certainly lives up to its name. Rich chestnut swirls on a mega-yummy chunk of whipped cream and sponge at the bottom. I've never been a fan of whipped cream yet this could win me over. Amazing. I figure, it's the french version I'm loving more so than the lighter Japanese interpretation...I failed to find one by a Japanese confectionery to make a comparison.

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