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Yogurtland @ Shinsaibashi, Osaka

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Riding on the froyo wave, I honestly feel more compelled to eat froyo overseas than locally. Sounds strange but this bright and crowded shop was calling out to me even at a bone chilling night temperature of 5 degrees. Madness, could be the only answer.

Yogurtland hails from US of A and the Japanese seem to love it, judging from the queues when we were inside.

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The concept is no stranger to me, I've seen it before. Yogurt by weight, simply...after swirling your froyo from all the stations and filling it up with the various toppings (fruit, cereals, sweets...)


Weigh it at the counter and you're ready to go. A complete hands-on experience though the propensity to spend a bomb is unfortunately high since it does not quite register when you're having fun churning out the swirls of different flavours. Works on the same concept as "pick your candy" bar. By the time for payment, all's too late.


In the tub that cost a grand 520 Yen (almost sgd 8.50), I had a go at the following flavours:


I only remember Yam being outstanding. A lifestyle concept, yogurtland is...well, the first try was fun at least!

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