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Tonharu Honten @ Namba Station Walkway


Tonharu was an eatery on hindsight I should have paid more attention to and bothered eating tonkatsu at! It's supposedly a tonkatsu specialist and by a sheer stoke of luck, I picked up tea at the shop whilst dragging the luggage along to find the hotel at the end of the whole underground passage way.


The 500 Yen lunch special caught the attention. I should have ordered a pork katsu set at least but somehow fried chicken seemed to be calling out. Nothing too out of the ordinary though the tonkatsu would have fared way better. Thumbs up for the rice and potato salad!


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  1. tonkatsu, I like katsukura the best, real flaky and crispy crust with tender pork, they have it in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka I think.

  2. @ xinli: i miss everything japanese!? :( sigh, wish i had more meals of everything...speaking of which makes me drool.