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Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City

what a crack

Skinny Pizza has not been my thing after a couple of attempts at Barracks but sometimes, it's about the company that matters and food, secondary. Raffles City's basement has undergone yet another round of revamp and Skinny Pizza's one of those that has nabbed itself a spot in its bustling basement. 


Something about the egg beaters on the ceiling that makes it...interesting.


Who ever goes to Skinny Pizza and not order pizza?


Sweet Potato Nibblets, Truffle Fries, Brie Cheese ($15 for 3)

One for $6-7, three for $15. The bargain hunters like us go for the latter.

trio of appetizers

Tray of indulgence.
swt potato nibbles

Still loving their sweet potato nibblets and truffle fries (Clifford at Fullerton Bay's still tops the list for this one!).

brie bread

Fried brie cheese with toast was oh-so-ordinary.

lobster pasta

Lobster Linguine ($22)

Blown away, literally. Peppery hot twirls of noodles in generous amounts of lobster roe and two halves of the ruddy red crustacean. Loved the flavour of this!

skinny pizza

Big Breakfast Pizza ($22)

slice of pizza

The closest Skinny Pizza gets to all day brunch with Big Breakfast - their signature biscuit crust pizza with toppings like bacon and egg. Still not a fan of the soggy base though overall it was an alright pizza flavour.

Dessert menu is designed like a magazine...liked the novelty about it!


Dessert time!
rum + baba

Rumbaba ($12)
Soaked in rum and vanilla sauce, prized hot rumbaba, sprinkled with candied grapefruit and apricot jam


"A classic done well". I beg finger and toes to differ. It was a dry, coarse pudding drenched with alcohol.

warm strawb cake

Strawberry Shortcake (Warm) ($9.50)
Vanilla bean cream

No wonder it's classified a "signature" with the non-signature (like rumbaba) faring so far off. Warm strawberry shortcake is a first, with moist cake and strawberries doused in vanilla bean cream sauce. It was thankfully not moist to the extent of being soggy, just alright.

There was a hiccup in the billing with the staff presenting our bill and change when we did not pay for it. Initial thoughts included a kind soul paying our dinner for us. Being the ever righteous diners with high integrity, we informed them of it. Their instant reaction was to come back with our bill without explanation. It could be the way they handled it that made it feel and look like, they double counted so the difference could go into the tip box. Well turns out, they charged the wrong table the wrong bill without realizing. Totally bad recovery service on their part, especially coming from their manager. Even the waiter had better PR than the manager..that calls for some reorgainzation here?

Barracks Cafe at Dempsey left me with much distaste yet their Raffles City outlet seemed to fare better...possibly due to the food choices made.

Skinny Pizza
Raffles City Basement

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