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Ramen Sennokaze @ Kyoto

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Unintended ramen dinner at this place near Nishiki market after a very dramatic evening. That's the charm about Kyoto that I keep raving about...the surprises that greet you at every alley is astounding. Considerably bigger than any of the other ramen shops that we walked by, this sits 15 quite comfortably and we had the privilege of grabbing the only private room they had.


Not that I bothered peppering my food with them.

wall menu

The wall of menu that I sought comfort in the hard copy menu complete with pictures. They do offer value set menus including rice and/or gyoza for the ravenous!

ramen 2

Milky broth. Roasted char siew. Half boiled egg. Noodles. Generous sprinkling of bean sprouts. Sounds like the recipe of an oiishii bowl of ramen.

Salt and miso flavoured are the two soup bases.

ramen 1

No prizes what stole the thunder in all our bowls...roasted char siew!

ramen in kyoto

Straight oodles of handmade ramen...slurp-slurp-slurp! I love how their noodles retain its firmness till the very last bite. My definition of comfort food in cold temperatures. Its flavourful milky broth was so rich and delicious, I felt compelled to empty it.

roast pork

Saving the best always for the last, char siew is grilled to such deliciosity, I surrender all to the chef. Hats off, seriously.


Panfried gyoza without a trace of oil...amazing.

If you think all ramen joints are top of the pops in Japan, I beg to differ. The first ramen meal proved to be the best of the whole trip. We thanked the chef on the way out and praised his can really sense his appreciation when he continuously thanked your patronage and grinned with such delight.

Ramen (660 Yen)
Ramen + Rice (650 Yen)
Ramen + Rice + Gyoza (790 Yen)


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