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Kyoto Souvenirs

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I'm no fridge magnet or mug or teeshirt person when it comes to remembering a place that I have step foot, seems to be the only way I attempt to make the place a part of me.

DSC_0875 (2)

In true Japanese fashion, every box is so nicely makes tearing the wrapper a heinous crime.

DSC_0877 (2)

Nama Yatsuhashi is its name, made famous by Kyoto. Their version of mochi, infact. Mostly wrapped with red bean paste, the confectioners usually were more innovative in the flavours of the dumpling skins.

DSC_0882 (2)

Green Tea and original flavour above, think soft chewy mochi skin with red bean stuffing.


This was purchased in the one and only flagship store near Kawaramuchi station and Nishiki market. Characterized by the throngs of tourists and generous samples dished out, it is hard to miss this one. Methinks it's called Yatsuhashi T. Nishio Co Ltd, a grand old store that existed since 1689! Almost every other shop in Kyoto has a history of at least a hundred years..

Mango, Strawberry, Chocolate...are just a few of the innovative flavours they have. Traditionally, flavours are limited to cinnamon and black bean.


Softer than the prepacked ones, these were so easy to polish off in one seating. I forgot how many wrappers were torn in process but like all Japanese souvenirs, these have to be consumed within the week.

strawberry crispies

From the same store, these are strawberry crispies that are sold at Disney merchandise stores as well. Packed with a lovely crunch and awesome fragrance, 8 pieces in the packet was gone in a flash.

DSC_0500 (2)

Another of their specialty...

DSC_0499 (2)

Cinnamon biscuits which came in two flavours, banana or cinnamon. Loved both the same! Madly crunchy biscuits...

wasabi nuts

Nuts about nuts. Wasabi nuts not to be missed! The stinging wasabi flavour does not cause watery eyes nor clear blocked noses, just the right balance. 280 yen for a pack does not come cheap but everything is as expensive...anyway!


Random pack of manju buns that appealed because of the pink and white.

red bean manju

It baffles me so when the manju bun hardly loses its fluffiness, simply red bean pau. Nothing too spectacular though.

There you have it...Kyoto, consumed!

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. haha the yatsuhashi! they have plenty of that around Kyoto.