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Kani Doraku @ Dotonburi

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Crabs, pufferfish, takopachi and okonomiyaki are some of the dotumburi signatures. Try as I can to attempt all of which, I gave pufferfish a pass. Next time I promise, when I've garnered enough guts to take on this lethal fish.

kani doraku

Kani Doraku stands out for the huge 3D crab mascot it has above the entrance.

kani doraku 1

Enter and you get shown to either of their 4 storeys. Warm greetings and all smiles follow you to your seat. Window seats for us...and we had to remove our shoes too.


Tanks full of humongous crustaceans...I wonder which one ended up on my dining plate.

kani doraku

Towels to wipe the hands.


Cosy cubicles.


Green tea, always to cleanse the system.


The first kaiseki meal in Osaka! We get served chilled crab legs for a start.


I spent a great deal of time extracting the flesh from the unfriendly shells, take a dip in the saucer of vinaigrette and I was almost in heaven. The sweet bouncy flesh was unimaginably fresh. Never quite tasted crab this way and I was absolutely toes and fingers loving it.

crab salad

Shredded crabmeat a top crunchy leaves and drizzled with an equally delish plum sauce.


Crab Chawanmushi

crab chawamushi

The wobbliest and softest chawanmushi ever, so soft I barely needed to bite. Yuzu is used for the extra zest which made this extra refreshing. Crabmeat chawanmushi, as luxurious as it sounds...was ohhhhh-sooooo-good. Because of this, I can be a convert.

grilled crab

Grilled crab legs! These seemed a lot less juicy than the chilled ones but I loved the smoky fragrance of this.

miso soup

Crab Miso Soup..a really clear tasting broth. The wonders of a kaiseki meal is (call me noob but until Japan, I've never attempted a multi-course Japanese meal) the dishes are neverending..or rather you can't tell when it'll end.


This hotpot was brought to the table towards the middle of the meal and we were told not to touch it.


Itchy fingers. The waitress hurried over and placed the lid back over the simmering pot. This happened quite a few times until she gently chided "".



So this was the end result of all the waiting. Crab hot pot!


Seaweed, pickles, wasabi and spring onions to toss in!

crab hotpot

Crab once again...finger licking goooood!

crab rice

Nicely tossed and distributed. Chewy glutinous grains of rice with the condiments tossed in was simple yet wholesome. The charred bits gave this extra flavour.


More soup to wash down the grease (if any!) and try out crab porridge?

A complete round we came with the crabs, served up in all ways of cooking. Loved every single dish served. I never quite got enough of the crabs though. Service is not intrusive and very polite...make this a stop at Dotumburi if there's a chance.The view from the 4th floor was really nice, watching the sky change its hue at sunset...mersmerizing.

花つづり (2520 Yen)

Kani Doraku

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Fugu is nothing spectacular. You didn't miss anything phoebe. Fugu sashimi is too chewy and cooked fugu just tastes like any other Japanese white fish, very pedestrian. I'll pick crab anytime!

    Your crab kaiseki looks delish!

  2. @ ice: ahhh, that's nice to hear i didn't miss anything! shd think the sashimi is always the best way to eat seafood.

    heh, it was! they shd've thrown in a crab dessert or sth. ;p

  3. when I did research on Osaka, I realized it had many highly recommended makan places, pity I didn't have time to stop for a meal there =/

    and that crab meal looks absolutely yummy =d

    However,I am definitely overwhelmed by the sights around the Shinsaibashi and Dotombori.

  4. @ xinli: yessss! hafta agree that the list of to-try is neverending...yep! kani doraku was quite worth the go if u dropby osaka again!

    YESSSSS..i wish i had more time around shinsaibashi area...barely had time to shop!!!