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Chibo @ Dotumburi

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Chibo made famous by their okoyominaki. Yet another of Osaka's must tries. Famous across the shores to even Hawaii, we had to make Chibo one of our stops.

They offer all things teppanyaki on their menu.

There's a choice of counter seats where the chefs cook infront of you or you can opt for private tables. Smoking is permissible in restaurants which can be quite a bane for some.

Yakisoba for a start. This came pre-cooked and you're left to your own devices and utensils to continue tossing at your own convenience. I found this too sweet but the soba was still firm to bite inspite of all the tossing and turning.

Bonito flakes for....?

Mayo for....?

The beautifully created okoyominaki by the waitress who added the lovely design with such haste, I could barely keep up with her nifty artwork.

Sprinkle generously with bonito flakes and you're all ready to tuck into their signature. The pancake was a tad on the bland side though ingredients of octopus, prawns and scallops were generous. Enjoy it as a snack, not as a meal.

Good taste? Not quite mine.

Service is hardly an issue in Japan. Chibo was probably one of the few disappointing eats throughout the trip. While in Singapore okoyominaki is served as a snack, this is enjoyed more as a meal in its hometown.


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